The Best Air Compressors Australia

In a professional car workshop, the tools being used are a league of their own. These tools need to deliver consistent power, be incredibly robust, compact, and easy to handle. 

That’s where the best air compressors come into play. With minimal moving parts and a motor that pressurised air in the cylinder, these compressors provide the necessary force to activate various tools.

Whether it’s for tire inflation, painting, or powering pneumatic tools, air compressors have become an essential part of any workshop. In this blog post, we will explore the top air compressors available in the market that are perfect for professional car workshops, ensuring you have the power and performance you need to get the job done efficiently.

How to choose the Best Air Compressor for you

Assess Your Workshop Requirements:

Determine Usage Frequency and Tool Demand: Begin by assessing the demands of your workshop. How often will you use the compressor, and what types of tools will it power? Frequent use with heavy-duty tools will require a more robust system with a larger capacity and higher horsepower.

Calculate the Air Power Needed: Check the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) requirements of the tools you plan to use. Your chosen air compressor should meet or exceed the highest CFM and PSI demand you anticipate. It’s always wise to add a margin to these figures to ensure your compressor won’t be running at its limit constantly.

Understand The Types of Air Compressors:

Piston-Type Compressors: Piston-type compressors have tanks that store compressed air. The motor shuts off when the pressure reaches a predetermined level and restarts when it drops. They come in single-stage for lighter use or two-stage for more demanding tasks.

Portable Compressors: A portable compressor is ideal for workshops where mobility is a key factor. They typically have smaller tanks and are easier to move around, making them suitable for less heavy-duty work.

Stationary Compressors: Stationary compressors are larger, with greater storage tanks, and are designed to stay in one place. They are suited for shops with a dedicated space for an air compressor and a consistent need for compressed air.

Consider Power Source and Size:

Electric vs. Gas-Powered: Electric compressors are the most common for indoor use as they don’t emit fumes. Gas-powered options are ideal for outdoor or job sites with no electricity.

Tank Size: Larger tanks can store more compressed air, allowing you to work longer before the motor needs to restart. However, larger tanks take up more space and may not be necessary for all work environments or if the compressor will be used sporadically.

Evaluate Features for Convenience and Longevity:

Oil-Free vs. Oil-Lubricated: Oil-free compressors have sealed bearings and don’t require lubrication, often resulting in less maintenance. However, oil-lubricated compressors tend to have a longer lifespan if maintained properly.

Noise Level: Consider the operating noise level. Some workshops might require a quieter compressor to maintain a better working environment.

Thermal Protection and Multiple Couplers: Look for compressors with thermal overload protection for safety and multiple couplers to connect several tools simultaneously.

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The Best Air Compressor Australia 

1. Peerless Air Compressor PHP52

Peerless Air Compressor PHP52

The Peerless Air Compressor PHP52 is a powerhouse that’s designed to handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly. Equipped with three robust cylinders and an impressive maximum pressure of 175 PSI, it’s built to deliver reliable performance. The heart of this machine is its 10HP electric motor, which works in tandem with the Peerless W95II high-pressure pump to ensure optimal efficiency.

Operating at a pump RPM of 949, the PHP52 boasts lightning-fast pump-up times, clocking in at just 1.15 to 1.20 minutes to reach 100 PSI. This translates to less waiting around and more productivity for users who need to power through demanding projects. The quick recovery time ensures tools run smoothly, without the frustration of frequent breaks in pressure.

Durability is a key feature of the Peerless PHP52, with its well-engineered components designed for longevity. The unit’s capability to rapidly pressurise and maintain consistent power underlines its suitability for professional settings where time and reliability are of the essence.

2. SP Tools SP12-50XBair 

SP Tools SP12-50XBair

The SP Tools SP12-50XB is a direct-drive air compressor that promises robustness and practicality in a compact package. With a capacity to reach up to 150 psi and equipped with a filter/regulator, this machine ensures that your air tools receive clean, regulated air for optimal performance. The 50-litre tank is ample enough for a range of applications, while still maintaining a size that is manoeuvrable even in tighter spaces.

A notable feature of the SP12-50XB is its one-touch (Nitto style) connector, which allows for quick and hassle-free hose connections, enhancing ease of use and reducing setup times. The unit operates on a standard 10 amp/240 volt outlet, with a Free Air Delivery (FAD) rate of 182L/min, making it both accessible and powerful for a variety of tasks.

Mobility is well-considered in the design of the SP12-50XB, as it comes with rugged 200mm (8”) solid rubber wheels, making transportation across workshop floors a breeze. It’s further fitted with a full brass non-return valve and a copper delivery pipe, underscoring its durability and reliability. Users who need a dependable air compressor for both the garage and job site will find the SP Tools model a well-rounded workhorse.

3. Monster Air MAFS3017

Monster Air MAFS3017

The Monster Air distinguishes itself with twin Nitto style air outlets, an integrated feature that ensures a steady and reliable connection for various pneumatic tools. You will appreciate the versatility afforded by this design, enabling simultaneous operation of multiple devices without the hassle of constantly swapping fittings.

Adding to its utility, the MAFS3017 comes equipped with an air pressure regulator. This is a crucial component for those looking to achieve precise control over their tools’ performance, allowing for adjustments that cater to the specific requirements of each task, providing consistent results and protecting tools from the wear caused by overpressure.

Lastly, the twin pressure gauge design offers a clear and immediate readout of the system’s pressure levels. For users, this translates to a heightened ability to monitor and maintain optimal pressure settings, ensuring both safety and efficiency are prioritised during operation. The Monster Air is truly designed with the discerning craftsman in mind, offering a level of control that meets professional standards.

4. Senco AC24050 Air Compressor

Senco Air Compressor AC24050

The Senco AC24050 air compressor is a robust tool combining practicality with performance. The inclusion of a convenient carrying handle makes transporting this unit remarkably easy. You will appreciate the ability to move the compressor around the job site without undue strain, enhancing the overall work experience and accessibility.

Stability and durability are also at the forefront of the AC24050’s design. The front stand and puncture-proof wheels prevent mishaps and ensure the unit stays firmly in place during use. Furthermore, the water separator is a standout feature, delivering dry and clean air, which is essential for high-quality finishes and longevity of air tools.

Under the hood, the Senco AC24050 houses a low-speed motor offering oil-free lubrication, making it a low-maintenance choice while putting out a substantial power of 1.5 kW. With a generous 50 Ltr tank capacity and an airflow of 170 lpm at 1400 rpm, users can tackle longer tasks confidently, knowing they have a reliable and efficient air supply. This compressor exemplifies Senco’s commitment to professional-grade equipment, tailored for continuous and demanding applications.

5. Peerless Black PB2500-TT 

Peerless Black PB2500-TT

The Peerless Black  is a workhorse in the realm of compact air compressors, boasting an impressive air delivery rate of 154 LPM at 100 PSI. With a pair of efficient cylinders and the ability to reach a maximum of 145 PSI, it offers the power and speed that demanding tasks require. This makes it an ideal companion for professionals who need consistent and reliable pneumatic pressure on the go.

Powered by an electric 2.5 HP motor and utilising a direct drive pump system, the PB2500-TT achieves an optimal blend of energy efficiency and robust performance. The pump races at 2850 RPM, ensuring quick recovery times, while the electrical requirements remain modest at a 10 AMP power supply, with an 8-amp draw—balancing power with energy economy.

Practicality is also factored into the design, with its 18-litre tank equipped with a regulator for precise pressure adjustments. The unit has a remarkably rapid pump-up time to 100 PSI, clocking in between 1.15 and 1.20 minutes, which minimises downtime and maximises productivity. The Peerless Black caters to those who need a no-nonsense, efficient air compressor that promises to deliver without the bulk.

6. Giantz 50L Air Compressor

Giantz 50L Air Compressor

The Giantz Air Compressor comes equipped with a capacious 50L air tank, making it an excellent choice for sustained use in various demanding applications. Its twin-cylinder motors work symbiotically to provide a level of efficiency that professionals will find indispensable when it comes to long-lasting performance and reliability, all the while keeping operational disruptions to a minimum.

The unit’s two robust 1.1kw motors deliver an impressive 3.0h of operating time, ensuring that users can continue working without frequent stops to replenish the air supply. This extended running time is a significant boon for productivity, allowing for a smoother workflow and the completion of projects with fewer interruptions.

Design-wise, the Giantz Air Compressor incorporates aluminium finned heat sinks that promote effective cooling, thereby enhancing the longevity of the motors. Its oil-free compressor motor underscores the commitment to low maintenance, while the promise of ultra-quiet operation at a speed of 2800 RPM makes it an unobtrusive yet powerful addition to any workspace. This compressor offers a thoughtful balance between quietness and power, suited for environments where noise levels are as much a consideration as performance.

7. Thorny Devil Portable Air Compressor

Thorny Devil Portable Air Compressor

The Thorny Devil Portable Air Compressor is a compact yet powerful ally for anyone needing reliable tire inflation on the go. With a 75 Lpm flow rate, it boasts the capability to quickly and efficiently pump up tires, making it an indispensable tool for both roadside emergencies and routine maintenance.

The portability of this air compressor pump/inflator is one of its standout features. Its design caters to the needs of individuals who are always on the move, be it for off-road adventures, long-distance travel, or simply as a precautionary addition to one’s vehicle emergency kit. The convenience of having such a robust tool at hand can save time and alleviate the stress associated with unexpected tire pressure issues.


What is the most efficient type of air compressor?

The rotary screw compressor is widely regarded as the most efficient type of air compressor for large industrial applications due to its reliable performance, ability to provide continuous air flow, and energy efficiency when operated at full capacity.

What type of air compressor lasts the longest?

Rotary screw air compressors are known for their durability and long lifespan, often outlasting other types like reciprocating compressors when properly maintained and used in appropriate industrial settings.

What size air compressor do I really need?

To determine the right size air compressor, evaluate your tools’ highest CFM needs, add them together, and multiply by 1.5 for a safety margin. For infrequent use, smaller is fine; for continuous operation, choose a larger capacity. Always consider both CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) requirements.

What is a good size air compressor for home use?

A good size air compressor for home use typically ranges between 3-20 gallons. For light tasks like inflating tires or using a brad nailer, a 3-6 gallon tank is sufficient. For more demanding tools such as impact wrenches, consider 10+ gallons.