The Best Chainsaws Australia

When it comes to tackling tough outdoor projects, a reliable chainsaw is a must-have tool for any homeowner or professional. Whether you’re clearing out fallen trees after a storm or preparing firewood for the winter, having the best chainsaw at your disposal can make all the difference. 

With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect chainsaw that suits your needs and preferences. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of discovering the best chainsaw in Australia. 

From considering the power and performance of different models to understanding the safety features and maintenance requirements, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and unleash the power of the perfect chainsaw for your projects.

How to Choose the Best Chainsaw for you

Choosing the best chainsaw for your needs involves considering a variety of factors such as the type of work you’ll be doing, your experience with chainsaws, the power source that suits you best, and other features that could make the task at hand easier and safer. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the best chainsaw:

Understand the Types of Chainsaws:

Gas-Powered Chainsaws: These are powerful and portable, suitable for heavy-duty tasks like felling large trees and cutting firewood. They typically have longer bars and offer a range of engine sizes measured in cubic centimetres (cc). They can be noisy and require a mix of gas and oil to run.

Electric Chainsaws (Corded): These chainsaws are lighter and quieter than gas-powered ones, ideal for lighter tasks and smaller jobs like trimming branches and cutting small trees. They require an electrical outlet and are limited by the length of the extension cord.

Battery-Powered Chainsaws (Cordless): These combine portability with quieter operation and are convenient for light to medium tasks. They run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so it’s important to consider the battery life and charging time.

Consider the Bar Length:

The bar length determines the size of the wood that you can cut in a single pass. Bars can range from about 6 inches for mini chainsaws up to 20 inches or more for professional models. For most homeowners, a bar length of 12 to 16 inches is typically sufficient.

Evaluate Power and Size:

For gas chainsaws, engine size is an important factor. Engines can range from about 30cc to 60cc or more. More powerful engines will handle tougher jobs but will also be heavier.

For electric and battery-powered chainsaws, look at the amperage or voltage. Higher numbers generally mean more cutting power.

Consider Ergonomics and Features:

Weight: A lighter chainsaw reduces fatigue but might offer less power.

Anti-vibration features: These can reduce user fatigue and make the chainsaw more comfortable to use over longer periods.

Automatic oiling: This feature keeps the chain lubricated without manual intervention, improving cutting efficiency and chain life.

Tool-less chain tensioning: Allows for quick and easy chain adjustments without needing additional tools.

Safety features: Like kickback brakes, which can stop the chain if the saw unexpectedly jerks back towards the user.

Safety and Experience Level:

If you’re a beginner, you might want to start with a lighter and less powerful model that offers more safety features. Workshops or courses can also provide valuable safety training and handling techniques.

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The Best Chainsaws Australia 

1. Giantz Petrol Chainsaw

Giantz Petrol Chainsaw

The Giantz Petrol Chainsaw is a formidable tool for tackling tough outdoor tasks, sporting an 18-inch robust bar and chain paired with a heavy-duty sprocket nose, designed to handle rigorous cutting jobs. The auto-throttle locking design prioritises user comfort, maintaining speed without continuous manual throttle engagement, while the double recoil pull system ensures the chainsaw is easy to start.

Durability and efficiency are embedded in its design, highlighted by a self-cooling flywheel which ensures the machine maintains optimal operating temperature, even during long, demanding applications. This feature is crucial for both the longevity of the chainsaw and the safety of the operator. The well-considered weight distribution allows for balanced handling, so users can navigate their cutting tasks with precision and ease.

The 75cc displacement engine, coupled with a generous 550ml fuel tank capacity, provides ample power and run-time for both professional and domestic users. Whether it’s cutting firewood, tree maintenance, or clearing overgrown bushland, the Giantz Petrol Chainsaw is engineered to perform efficiently and reliably.

2. Baumr-AG Petrol Commercial Chainsaw

 Baumr-AG Petrol Commercial Chainsaw

The Baumr-AG Petrol Commercial Chainsaw is a powerhouse tool designed for heavy-duty tasks, thanks to its 72cc 2-stroke commercial-grade engine. This high-displacement engine provides substantial power to tackle the most demanding of cutting jobs. A CDI ignition type ensures a reliable start and consistent performance, which is vital for professionals who depend on their equipment to work without fail.

With a lengthy 24-inch sprocket nose bar, the chainsaw offers an extended reach, enabling it to cut through large logs and thick branches with relative ease. The sprocket nose bar type is favoured among commercial users for its ability to sustain high-speed chain movement, making for efficient and effective cutting.

The 950mL fuel tank capacity is particularly impressive, allowing for extended use without frequent refuelling interruptions, which enhances productivity. The Baumr-AG chainsaw operates on regular unleaded 95+ RON fuel, making it convenient to fuel up wherever standard gasoline is sold. This chainsaw is designed to withstand the rigours of professional use, offering a robust tool that’s ready to take on the challenges of a commercial environment.

3. X-BULL Chainsaw

X-BULL Chainsaw Petrol Commercial

The X-BULL Chainsaw delivers significant cutting power with its sizable direct air injection carburetor, enhancing performance for demanding tree-felling tasks. Aimed at providing a user-friendly experience, it boasts a balanced design that ensures ease of use and manoeuvrability. This makes it suitable for a diverse range of cutting activities, be it for landscaping, firewood collection, or property maintenance.

Maintenance and serviceability are key aspects of any power tool, and the X-BULL chainsaw addresses this with easy access to its engine, filters, and spark plug, simplifying upkeep routines. Added benefits include a bonus saw chain and an additional spark plug, ensuring that users have the necessary replacements at hand, thus minimising downtime.

Starting up the chainsaw is made less strenuous with the double recoil pulling system. User comfort is further considered with a built-in anti-vibration system that lessens user fatigue during extended use. The quick tension chain mechanism and integrated chain brake enhance both safety and convenience, while the chainsaw’s balanced weight distribution ensures it remains comfortable to operate, aiding in accurate and less exhausting cutting.

4. Topex Electric Chainsaw

Topex Electric Chainsaw

The Topex Electric Chainsaw is a tool designed for precision and manageable operation. It features a moderate oil tank capacity of 90ml, ensuring that the chain remains well-lubricated during cuts without the need for constant refills. With a cutting length of 230mm, it is well-suited for light to medium-duty tasks, such as trimming branches or cutting small logs.

The chainsaw operates at a chain speed of 10 m/s, which strikes a balance between efficiency and control, allowing users to make swift cuts with precision. Its 3/8 chain pitch is common and effective for various cutting jobs, making it a versatile option for homeowners or hobbyists.

Equipped with a 250mm bar length, this electric chainsaw is compact enough to navigate tight spaces while still providing enough size to handle a range of cutting tasks.

5. Milwaukee M18 FTCHS 14802

Milwaukee M18FTCHS14802

The Milwaukee chainsaw is designed with practicality and convenience in mind, featuring onboard scrench storage that keeps the essential tool handy for maintenance. A variable speed trigger gives the user complete control over the cutting speed, making it adaptable for different materials and conditions.

Adjustments to the chainsaw are made swift and effortless with the easy access chain tensioner, allowing for quick fine-tuning of the cutting system on the go. For those tougher cutting jobs, the metal bucking spikes provide increased leverage and control, a feature that is especially useful when making precision cuts for felling trees.

The thoughtfully designed climbing scabbard is a boon for those working at heights, offering full coverage of the bucking spikes, secure locking onto the saw, and tie-off points for aerial applications. Another user-friendly feature is the translucent oil reservoir, which conveniently enables operators to monitor oil levels without interrupting their workflow. This chainsaw is evidently crafted with the professional in mind, aiming to deliver both performance and ease of use in demanding scenarios.

6. Dewalt DCMCS575N-XE

Dewalt DCMCS575N-XE

The Dewalt DCMCS575N-XE chainsaw is engineered to provide a comfortable and efficient cutting experience. Its ergonomic grip design ensures that users can work for extended periods without unnecessary strain on their hands, enhancing both control and comfort. The brushless motor is the powerhouse of this chainsaw, offering heavy-duty cutting performance that professionals can rely on for their challenging tasks.

With its tooltied chain tensioning system, this chainsaw ensures reliable bar retention and straightforward adjustments, ensuring that the chainsaw is always ready for optimal operation. The 50cm low kickback bar and chain contribute to fast and efficient cutting, allowing users to work through their cutting tasks with increased productivity and safety.

Offering a robust 4.0 horsepower, the Dewalt chainsaw is equipped to deal with demanding cutting jobs, while the inclusion of a safety guard provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of injury during operation. This chainsaw is tailored for those who need a durable, high-performance tool that doesn’t compromise on safety or user ergonomics.

7. Hikoki CS3630DC(H4Z)

Hikoki CS3630DC(H4Z)

The Hikoki CS3630DC(H4Z) is a cordless chainsaw that combines efficiency and convenience. It is designed to offer high cutting performance per charge, which means less downtime and more productivity for its users. The lightweight nature of the chainsaw enhances its portability and reduces fatigue, making it ideal for extended use whether in the backyard or at a job site.

A standout feature is the LED-lit oil level indicator, providing clear visibility of oil status to maintain optimal chain lubrication and prevent damage to the chainsaw. Safety is further prioritised with the mechanical kick-back brake, which is designed to quickly stop the chain in the event of kickback, protecting the user from potential accidents.

Control is key with the compact rear handle design, allowing for more precise cuts and comfortable handling. The tool-less chain adjustment adds another layer of convenience, making it simple to adjust the chain tension quickly and without the need for additional tools.


Are battery chainsaws as powerful as petrol ones?

Battery chainsaws have significantly improved in recent years and can offer power that rivals that of some petrol models, especially for common garden and light forestry tasks. They’re quieter, have zero emissions, and require less maintenance. For heavy-duty tasks, traditional petrol chainsaws might still be preferred due to their sustained power output and longer run time.

How often should I service my chainsaw?

Regular servicing ensures your chainsaw remains in peak condition and operates safely. The frequency of service depends on usage, but generally, you should check the chain tension and sharpness before each use, clean the air filter and spark plug regularly, and have a professional service annually or after every 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

How do I maintain my chainsaw blade sharp?

Keeping your chainsaw blade sharp is crucial for efficient cutting and safety. You can use a file to sharpen the teeth manually, following the manufacturer’s specifications for angle and depth, or you can opt for an electric chainsaw sharpener for a more precise and consistent result. We offer blade sharpening tools and can guide you on the best practices for maintaining a sharp blade.