The Best Dash Cam In Australia

Driving on the road can be an unpredictable experience, with unexpected events and situations occurring at any given moment. That’s why having a reliable and high-quality dash cam is essential for every driver. A dash cam not only provides you with peace of mind and security, but it also serves as a reliable witness in case of accidents or disputes. 

With an overwhelming range of options on the market, we understand that finding the perfect dash cam can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve carefully researched, analysed, and compiled a list of the finest dash cams available in Australia, so you can make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover the best dash cam options available on the market. From crystal-clear video quality to advanced features like GPS tracking and voice control, we will explore the top choices that will help you hit the road with confidence and capture every moment on your journey. Get ready to find the perfect dash cam that suits your needs and ensures your safety on the road.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam for You

Choosing the best dash cam for your specific needs requires careful consideration of various factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Video Resolution: Video resolution is a crucial aspect to consider. Look for dash cams that offer at least 1080p Full HD resolution or higher. Some advanced models now even provide 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring clarity and detailed footage.

Field of View (FOV): A wide FOV is desirable to capture a broader perspective of the road. A FOV of 140 degrees or more is recommended, as it allows the dash cam to cover more lanes and surrounding areas.

Low Light Performance: Pay attention to the dash cam’s performance in low-light conditions, especially for night driving. Look for models with a wide aperture and large pixel size, as these factors improve image quality in low-light environments.

Storage Capacity: Consider the storage capacity of the dash cam. Models with loop recording continuously overwrite old footage, but it’s essential to have enough storage space to capture important events. Look for dash cams compatible with high-capacity microSD cards (at least 64GB or more).

Loop Recording & G-Sensor: Loop recording automatically replaces old footage with new recordings. The G-Sensor (or accelerometer) detects sudden impacts or collisions, protecting important footage from being overwritten and marking it as an event for later review.

GPS Capability: Dash cams with GPS tracking can record your location and speed, providing essential data in the event of an accident. This feature also allows you to view your route and vehicle speed on playback.

Parking Mode: This feature is beneficial for surveillance while your vehicle is parked. It activates the dash cam when motion or impact is detected, ensuring coverage even when you’re away from the car. Some models require a hardwiring kit for this feature.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity enables easy transfer of footage to your smartphone for quick access and sharing. Smartphone apps may also offer additional functionalities and settings adjustments.

Size & Discreteness: Consider the size and mounting options of the dash cam. A discreet and compact design helps prevent obstruction of your view while driving.

Additional Features: Some dash cams come with extra features such as voice control, lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, and driver assistance systems. Assess which features align with your preferences and budget.

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The Best Dash Cam In Australia

1. UL-tech Dash Camera

UL-tech Mini Car Dash Camera

The UL-tech Dash Camera offers top-notch features that guarantee a reliable driving companion. With its 1080P high-definition resolution, the recorded footage is crisp and clear, providing you with a detailed view of your journeys. The 4.0-inch touchscreen interface makes navigating through settings and footage playback a breeze, enhancing user convenience.

It is equipped with a wide viewing angle and automatic recording, so you won’t miss any crucial moments on the road. The Parking Mode Sensor, Motion Detection, and Gravity Sensor further enhance its functionality, ensuring it captures incidents even when the car is parked. The Loop Recording feature guarantees continuous recording without worrying about running out of storage space.

Night driving is made safer with the Dash camera’s clear night vision and WDR image processing, offering improved visibility in low-light conditions. Moreover, the Anti-shake technology ensures steady footage, making it a reliable dash camera for all driving conditions.

2. DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam

DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam

The DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam is a reliable companion for your car, equipped with essential features to enhance your driving experience. With HDR technology, it captures high-quality front-facing footage, ensuring clear visuals in various lighting conditions. The 1.5″ LCD screen allows for easy setup and quick review of recordings.

Its 170° Wide Angle lens ensures a broad view of the road ahead, minimizing blind spots and capturing a wide perspective of your surroundings. The 4x Digital Zoom function adds an extra layer of detail to the footage, allowing you to focus on specific elements when needed.

Safety is a priority with the DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam, thanks to its Built-in G-Sensor. In the event of sudden impacts or collisions, the G-Sensor automatically locks and saves the footage, safeguarding crucial evidence. The Loop Recording feature ensures seamless operation by overwriting old files when the memory card is full, so you can keep recording without interruption.

3. Car Dash Camera Cam

Car Dash Camera Cam

The Car Dash Camera Cam proves to be a reliable driving companion with its impressive features. Offering a 1080P HD high-definition solution, it captures clear and detailed footage of your journeys. The 3-inch LCD screen provides a convenient display for easy setup and video playback.

With a real 120° ultra-wide angle lens, this dash camera ensures a broad view of the road ahead, minimizing blind spots and enhancing overall safety. The Loop Recording feature guarantees seamless video capture by overwriting old files when the memory is full, so you never miss important moments on the road. Plus, with audio recording, you can have a complete record of both visual and auditory details.

4. UL-tech Mini Car Dash Camera 

UL-tech Mini Car Dash Camera

The UL-tech Mini Car Dash Camera packs a punch with its impressive features, offering peace of mind while on the road. With 1080p high-definition resolution, it ensures crystal-clear footage, capturing all the crucial details during your travels. The 120° wide viewing angle provides excellent coverage of the road ahead, minimizing blind spots.

It has a built-in white LED light and motion detection, this dash camera enhances safety by capturing clear footage even in low-light conditions or when there’s a sudden movement around the vehicle. The loop recording feature ensures continuous recording without worrying about running out of storage space.

5. Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS 

Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS

The Dash Cam with Built-in WiFi and GPS is a feature-packed device that enhances your driving experience. Its 2.0-inch 240×320 IPS Screen ensures clear viewing of captured footage. The front cam boasts an impressive 6G 1440P resolution with a 170° wide-angle lens, delivering high-quality recordings and a broad view of the road.

The rear cam, on the other hand, offers 1080P resolution with a 170° wide-angle lens, providing excellent coverage of the back of your vehicle. Although there’s no touch screen, the camera compensates with easy-to-use physical controls.

6. Transcend DrivePro 110DashCam 

Transcend DrivePro 110 DashCam

The Transcend DashCam is a reliable companion for your journeys, equipped with a sensor to capture high-resolution footage. Its 110° motion G-sensor ensures that any sudden movements are detected, triggering the camera to record and store video in the event of an accident or even when the engine is off.

With its intelligent design, you can drive with confidence, knowing that important moments are securely recorded. Whether it’s capturing crucial evidence during an accident or monitoring your vehicle when parked, this Cam has got you covered. It offers peace of mind and enhanced safety, making it a valuable addition to any driver’s arsenal.


Is a dash cam worth it in Australia?

Yes, a dash cam is worth it in Australia as it provides valuable evidence in accidents, deters theft, and records scenic road trips.

Should I get a 4K or 1080p dash cam?

For higher video quality and more detailed footage, choose a 4K dash cam. However, a 1080p dash cam still offers good resolution and may be more budget-friendly. Decide based on your preferences and budget.

Is a wide field of view important in a dash cam?

Yes, a wide FOV is crucial as it allows the dash cam to capture a broader view of the road and surroundings. A FOV of 140 degrees or more ensures more lanes are covered, enhancing the camera’s ability to record important events.