The Best Heat Guns Australia

Heat guns have become essential tools in various industries, from professional settings to DIY projects. With their ability to generate high temperatures and produce focused heat, they have revolutionised tasks like paint stripping, soldering, plastic welding, and shrink-wrapping.

The Best Heat Guns Australia offers a wide range of models that can reach temperatures ranging from 100°C to over 1000°C (212°F to 1832°F), providing users with the flexibility to select the precise temperature required for their specific application.

 In this blog post, we will explore the versatility and applications of heat guns, highlighting their importance in tasks such as paint stripping, electronics soldering, automotive repair, and more. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, understanding how to effectively utilise a heat gun can greatly enhance your work efficiency and results.

How to Choose the Best Heat Guns for you

Choosing the best heat gun for your needs involves assessing several factors including the intended use, features, power, temperature range, durability, and brand reliability. Here is an in-depth guide to help you make an informed decision:

Intended Use:

DIY and Crafts: If you need a heat gun for light applications such as embossing, shrink-wrapping, or light paint removal, a basic, low-wattage heat gun with a temperature range up to 300°C may suffice.

Professional Use: For more demanding tasks like heavy paint stripping, welding plastics, or automotive applications, you’ll need a more powerful heat gun with higher temperature capabilities and possibly more air flow control.

Power and Temperature Range:

Wattage: Heat guns typically range from 1000W to 2000W. Higher wattage means more heat and power.

Temperature Range: Some heat guns offer a fixed temperature, while others offer a range (e.g., 50°C to 600°C). Variable temperature controls allow for greater versatility in applications.

Temperature Control: Digital readouts offer precise temperature control, whereas dial controls provide a more manual and sometimes less precise approach.

Air Flow Control:

Variable air flow settings let you control the amount of air blown out of the heat gun, which can be important for both precision tasks and fast, efficient heat distribution for larger areas.


Demolition hammers can vary significantly in weight, ranging from about 5 kilograms to over 30 kilograms. The weight of the tool affects both its portability and its usability over long periods.

Nozzles and Attachments:

The type and variety of nozzles can significantly impact the heat gun’s functionality.

Flat Nozzle: Spreads heat over a wider area, good for tasks such as paint stripping.

Reduction Nozzle: Concentrates the heat onto a smaller area, which is ideal for soldering or welding plastics.

Reflector Nozzle: Used for shrink wrapping or tubing, as it disperses the heat around the workpiece.

Glass Protector Nozzle: Shields glass from direct heat when working on window frames or similar applications.

Ergonomics and Design:

Comfort is key, especially for prolonged use. Look for a heat gun with an ergonomic design that suits your hand.

Some heat guns also include integrated stands for hands-free operation or feature a design that allows them to be placed on a benchtop without the risk of burning the surface.

Safety Features:

Thermal cut-out or overload protection helps prevent the gun from overheating.

A kickstand or sidebars prevent the hot nozzle from touching surfaces when not in use.

Cool-down settings rapidly reduce the temperature after use, for safer handling and storage.


Heat guns used in professional settings should be robust and able to withstand wear and tear. Look for models with high-quality construction and reliable components.

The warranty offered by the manufacturer can also be a good indicator of the product’s durability.

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The Best Heat Guns Australia

1. Makita HG6530V

Makita HG6530V

The Makita HG6530V heat gun stands out with its variable temperature settings and a clear LCD display, ensuring you have precise control over your work. With a robust 2,000W of power output, this tool can achieve a maximum temperature of 650°C, catering to an array of tasks.

Functionality meets convenience in this model’s design. The three-stage air volume control, ranging from 280L/min to an impressive 550L/min, allows users to adjust the intensity of airflow to match the specific needs of the project at hand.

Makita has engineered the HG6530V heat gun with user comfort in mind. It’s notably lightweight at just 0.72kg and has a compact overall length of 257mm, making it easy to handle for prolonged periods. The 2.0m power supply cord offers ample reach, facilitating a hassle-free experience on various job sites.

2. HiKOKI RH650V(H1Z)


The HiKOKI RH650V(H1Z) heat gun provides meticulous control over your heating tasks with its variable temperature and air flow buttons. The clarity of its LCD display aids in precise adjustments, showing both temperature and air volume settings, which is particularly beneficial for delicate projects.

Equipped with a built-in thermal cut-out, this tool offers added safety by protecting against damage due to overheating. This feature not only extends the lifespan of the heat gun but also provides peace of mind during operation.

Whether you’re working on low or high heat settings, the HiKOKI RH650V(H1Z) maintains a consistent air volume range of 250 – 500l/min. The flexibility to reach temperatures as low as 50°C and as high as 650°C makes this tool versatile for a wide range of applications, from gentle thawing to robust paint removal.

3. Dewalt D26414K-XE

Dewalt D26414K-XE

The Dewalt D26414K-XE is a robust tool, engineered for efficient heating with a powerful 2000-watt input. It offers a versatile operating temperature range from 50 to 600 °C, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Its considerable air flow capacity of 650 litres per minute ensures consistent performance. Despite its power, the heat gun maintains a lightweight design at just 0.85 kg, coupled with a user-friendly length of 265 mm and height of 210 mm, which facilitates ease of use.

The device also prioritises user comfort, featuring a relatively low hand/arm vibration rate of 2.5 m/s2, minimising fatigue during extended use. Furthermore, the sound levels are kept in check, with a pressure of 75 dB(A) and an acoustic level of 88 dB(A), making this heat gun a considerate choice in noise-sensitive environments.

4. Metabo HGE23650LCD

Metabo HGE23650LCD

The Metabo HGE23650LCD hot air gun stands out with its precise control, featuring an LCD display that allows for meticulous setting adjustments. The temperature and air volume can be tailored to accommodate various materials and applications, showing its versatility ranging from varnish removal to welding. This feature ensures that you can tackle multiple tasks with a single tool without compromising on precision.

Programming settings for repeated use is another plus, saving time and effort for those who frequently engage in similar projects. This convenience is paired with a high-quality ceramic heating element, robust motor, and optimal cooling, which together promise a durable life for the device. Such robust construction points to extended periods of usage without needing frequent replacements or repairs.

Ease of use is clearly a priority with the Metabo HGE23650LCD hot air gun. It boasts an ergonomic design, and the handle is crafted with a non-slip soft-grip surface, ensuring comfort and stability during use. Additionally, its large non-slip base permits safe stationary work, making it a reliable tool for both the hobbyist and the professional craftsman.

5. TOPEX Heat Gun 

TOPEX Heat Gun

The TOPEX Heat Gun is an accessible and compact choice for those seeking an affordable yet capable tool. With a power output of 1800W, it swiftly reaches target temperatures of either 400 or 600 Degrees Celsius within a minute, ensuring quick task commencement.

This model includes four quick-change nozzles and three scraper blades, accommodating a variety of tasks without the need for additional tools. The inclusion of multiple attachments directly enhances its versatility and adaptability to different project requirements.

The unit’s straightforward design emphasises practicality for users who need a no-frills, effective heat gun. This TOPEX model is well-suited for users who appreciate efficiency and a tool that gets the job done without a steep price tag.


Can heat guns be used for paint removal?

Yes, many heat guns are well-suited for removing paint. Look for models that offer adjustable temperature settings to accommodate the gentle heating required to strip paint without damaging the underlying surface.

How important is the quality of a heat gun’s heating element?

The quality of the heating element is crucial as it directly impacts the longevity and performance of the heat gun. Ceramic heating elements are often preferred for their durability and consistent heat production.

How do I maintain my heat gun to ensure it has a long service life?

Regular maintenance includes letting the tool cool down after use, cleaning it as per the manufacturer’s instructions, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and storing it properly when not in use.