The Best Magnetic Drills Australia

When it comes to heavy-duty drilling, magnetic drills are the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. These powerful tools offer precision, efficiency, and versatility, making them essential for a wide range of drilling applications. 

However, with so many options available in the market, finding the best magnetic drills in Australia can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

In this blog post, we will be exploring and reviewing the top magnetic drills available on the market, helping you make an informed decision and choose the perfect tool to take your drilling projects to new heights.

How to Choose the Best Drill Presse for you

Choosing the best magnetic drill for your needs involves several important considerations. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Assess Your Requirements:

Material Type: Determine the type of material you’ll be drilling. Magnetic drills can handle a wide range of materials, but the power and size of the drill needed can vary depending on whether you’re drilling soft metals like aluminium, or harder alloys and steel.

Hole Size and Depth: Consider the diameter and depth of the holes you need to drill. Larger and deeper holes will require more powerful drills with higher torque.

Frequency of Use: If you’re planning to use the drill frequently or for long periods, you’ll need a durable model designed for heavy-duty use.

Work Environment: Portability might be crucial if you’re working in the field or at various job sites. Some magnetic drills are more compact and easy to transport than others.

Understand the Types of Magnetic Drills:

Electromagnetic Drills: Ideal for stationary use in workshops where power is readily available. They have strong magnetic bases that require a constant power supply.

Permanent Magnet Drills: These do not require electricity for the magnet, which can be handy in situations where power is not consistent or in remote locations.

Pneumatic Magnetic Drills: Best suited for environments where electricity poses a potential hazard, such as in flammable atmospheres or around volatile chemicals

Magnetic Base Strength:

Magnetic Adhesion: The drill should have a strong magnetic base to maintain stability during drilling. The adhesion force is usually measured in pounds or Newtons, and a higher force corresponds to better stability.

Base Size: A larger base can provide more stability, especially when drilling larger holes. However, it should also fit on the intended work surface.

Motor Power and Speed:

Motor Power: Measured in horsepower (HP) or watts (W), a higher power motor can drill through tougher materials and larger diameters.

Variable Speed: Drills with variable speed settings offer more control and versatility. Lower speeds are better for drilling larger diameters and harder materials, while higher speeds are suitable for smaller holes and softer materials.

Drill Features and Accessories:

Annular Cutters: These are used in magnetic drills to create precise holes and come in a variety of sizes and materials. Ensure the drill you choose is compatible with the types of cutters you’ll need.

Coolant Systems: Some magnetic drills come with integrated cooling systems to prolong cutter life and improve cutting performance.

Swivel Base: A swivel base allows for more flexibility and precision when positioning the drill.

Safety Features: 

Safety Switches: Some drills include safety features such as safety straps or loss of magnetic power detection which prevent the drill from operating when not securely attached to the work surface.

Ergonomics: Look for a drill that is designed to minimise user fatigue, with comfortable grips and controls within easy reach.

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The Best Magnetic Drills Australia

1. Nitto LO-3550

Nitto LO-3550

The Nitto LO-3550 offers a solution for those needing to drill in tight or elevated spaces without sacrificing power. Its compact stature, under 230mm in height, and lightweight frame at just 8.7kg, promote exceptional mobility and ease of handling on the job.

Designed with practicality in mind, it supports drilling on web and flange areas over 100mm in width and provides up to 10mm of travel adjustment on each axis to fine-tune drill positioning. This feature enhances precision and adaptability to different surfaces or materials.

The convenience of this model extends to its user-friendly switch panel, complete with an LED load detection feature, which simplifies operation. Additionally, its reversible and adjustable handles can be locked at various angles, allowing for personalization that can lead to increased productivity, especially in unconventional work environments.

2. Atra Ace AO-5575A

Atra Ace AO-5575A

The Atra Ace AO-5575A brings high-end technology to the manual feed drill market with the introduction of its Smart-stop and Rapid Feed Technology. This innovation, once exclusive to Nitto Kohki’s automatic drills, now offers manual drill users a leap in efficiency and control.

The AO-5575A’s LED load indicator keeps the operator informed about the drill status, ensuring superior management of the drilling process. This feature is particularly significant for the Steel Fabrication Industry, providing a modern approach to drill management that prioritizes saving both time and resources.

Operating on a single-phase power source, this drill boasts a rated power consumption of 1,150W and a robust 1,020kgf magnetic holding power. With no-load speeds of 350 or 650rpm and modest magnetic power consumption, the Atra Ace AO-5575A is both powerful and economical, perfectly suited for demanding environments where precision and efficiency are key.

3. Holemaker HMPRO35

Holemaker HMPRO35

The Holemaker HMPRO35 is designed for users who require robust and efficient drilling capabilities. With a diameter capacity of 35mm and a depth capacity of 52mm, it caters to a range of drilling needs.

Powered by a 920W motor and with an input power requirement of 1000W on a single-phase 240V, the HMPRO35 delivers a consistent speed of 350rpm. This balance of power and speed is ideal for precise and controlled drilling operations.

Boasting a considerable magnetic dead lift of 9500N-m on a 25mm steel plate and a stroke of 70mm, the tool is both stable and versatile. Its manageable weight of 10kg and height adjustability between 306mm and 376mm enhance portability and usability in various work environments. The Holemaker HMPRO35 merges power, precision, and practicality for professional drilling tasks.

4. Schifler SWC50

Schifler SWC50

The Schifler SWC50 boasts a potent 1500-watt motor, making it suitable for a variety of drilling tasks. The spindle accommodates MT3 and 19 mm Weldon, providing compatibility with widely-used tooling standards.

It demonstrates versatility with its capacity to handle broach cutters of differing lengths—35 mm, 50 mm, and 80 mm—with diameters ranging from 12 mm to 50 mm for the shorter cutters and 18 mm to 26 mm for the 80 mm cutters. Additionally, it can manage twist drills up to Ø 23 mm, expanding the tool’s range of applications.

Dual speeds of 250 min-1 and 450 min-1, paired with a flexible stroke up to 205 mm, enable operators to fine-tune drilling operations to match the demands of the material and the precision required for the task, ensuring the Schifler SWC50 is a valuable asset for professional drilling requirements.

5. Metabo MAG50

Metabo MAG50

The Metabo MAG50 is designed for a broad range of heavy-duty drilling tasks, equipped with a large stroke that accommodates core drills, spiral drills, and countersinks, enhancing its versatility for various applications.

Its powerful magnetic base allows for secure attachment on vertical and overhead surfaces, ensuring safety and precision when working in challenging positions. Metabo’s Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC) Full Wave Electronics adapt the drill’s speed to the material’s requirements while maintaining speed consistency under load, tailored for material-specific drilling.

Additional features such as clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation with a thread cutter, a durable two-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication, and an integrated bright LED light, emphasize functionality and endurance. The MAG50 also includes a tool-free swarf protection and a protective circuit that ensures the motor operates only with the magnetic base activated, prioritizing user safety.


Are magnetic drills accurate?

The magnetic drills are known for their precision. Their strong magnetic bases secure them to metal surfaces, ensuring accurate, stationary drilling with minimal deviation.

Where are holemaker magnetic drills made?

Holemaker magnetic drills are manufactured in Europe, leveraging 30 years of industry experience to produce reliable and durable drills for heavy-duty applications.

What is the speed of a mag drill?

Magnetic drills vary in speed, typically ranging from 100 to 600 RPM, with some models offering variable speed settings to suit different metal types and thicknesses for optimal drilling performance.