The Best Drill Presses Australia

When it comes to DIY projects that require precision drill work, having the best benchtop drill press is essential. These versatile tools are designed to make boring precise holes in various materials such as wood, metal, and more. 

With modern advancements, benchtop drill presses offer a wide range of features and capabilities. Not only do they provide accuracy, but they also enhance the safety of the user, making potentially dangerous tasks much safer. No more precarious hand-holding of workpieces; with a benchtop drill press, you can securely clamp your workpiece to the worktable. Furthermore, these drill presses can even be used for sanding, grinding, and creating perfect joinery with specialised models called mortisers.

In this blog post, we will explore the best drill presses available in Australia, helping you choose the perfect tool to elevate your projects to the next level.

How to Choose the Best Drill Presse for you

Choosing the best drill press involves assessing your specific needs, the type of materials you’ll be working with, and the precision required for your projects. There are several factors to consider to make an informed purchase:

Type of Drill Press:

Benchtop Drill Presses: Ideal for small to medium-sized projects and users with limited space. They are less powerful than floor models but are more affordable and easier to move.

Floor Drill Presses: Suitable for heavy-duty work and larger projects. These are typically more stable and powerful, making them a good fit for professional workshops or serious hobbyists.

Power and Motor:

Look for a motor with enough horsepower (HP) to handle the tasks you plan to undertake. More HP means the drill press can handle harder materials and larger drill bits without straining.

Consider the voltage and electrical requirements, especially if you are setting up a shop with multiple power tools.

Size and Swing:

The size of the drill press is commonly determined by the “swing,” which is the distance from the centre of the chuck to the edge of the pillar multiplied by two. This determines the maximum width of material that can be drilled. A larger swing allows for drilling larger pieces of material.

Speed Settings:

Variable speeds are a must for versatility as different materials require different drilling speeds. Wood, metal, and plastic all require different RPMs (revolutions per minute) for optimal drilling. A drill press with a wide range of speeds can accommodate various types of jobs.

Spindle Travel (Drilling Depth):

This indicates how deep you can drill into a material. Consider a drill press with sufficient spindle travel for the depth that your projects will require.


An adjustable table that tilts and rotates enables angled drilling, which is useful for various projects. The size and ability to support workpieces efficiently are crucial factors. Some drill presses come with table extensions for supporting larger items.

Chuck Size:

The size of the chuck determines the maximum diameter of the drill bit shank it can accept. Common sizes are 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. A keyless chuck can be more convenient for quick changes of drill bits.

Safety Features: 

Important safety features include chuck guards, emergency stop buttons, and thermal overload protection. Do not overlook safety in favour of price or features.

Accessories and Features:

Integrated work lights, laser guides for precision, dust collection ports, and onboard storage can be very useful. Consider if the drill press offers additional functions such as sanding.

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The Best Drill Presses Australia

1. Bearcat BDP4F

Bearcat BDP4F

The Bearcat BDP4F is a testament to functionality and safety in the world of drill presses. Its large square table, complete with hold-down slots, provides a substantial work area and ensures materials are securely fastened during operation.

Adjustability is a key aspect of this model, featuring a tilt and rotate table capability that caters to complex drilling angles. The addition of a safety guard with a flip cover on the chuck, along with the emergency stop switch, demonstrates a strong commitment to user safety.

Enhancing user experience, the precision depth stop allows for consistent hole depths, while the rack and pinion system offers smooth table height adjustments. The inclusion of a work light and a robust handle further complements the drill press’s impressive suite of features, which also boasts a 508mm swing and 12 speed settings, ensuring versatility across a myriad of tasks.



The HiKOKI B16RM(HWZ) stands out with its adaptable performance, featuring variable speed control across 12 distinct sections, allowing for precision when working with a variety of materials. Its keyed on/off switch ensures secure operation, preventing unintended start-ups.

Durability meets precision as the cast iron table provides a stable work surface, coupled with a laser guide that facilitates accurate drilling every time. The depth adjustment gauge further aids in achieving precise hole depths with consistency and ease.

Boasting a throat depth of 190mm and an 85mm spindle travel, the HiKOKI B16RM(HWZ) is powered by a robust 750W induction motor. With rotation speeds ranging from 210 to 2,580 rpm, this drill press is engineered for both the precision craftsman and the power-hungry professional.

3. Renegade R43016F

Renegade R43016F

The Renegade R43016F drill press is designed to tackle challenging tasks with its 1100W heavy-duty motor, delivering power and performance in demanding situations. The inclusion of a 16mm keyed chuck supports a wide range of bit sizes, enhancing the tool’s versatility.

Flexibility is core to this model, with a 16-speed setting that ranges from 160 to 3000rpm. This broad spectrum of speeds allows for precise drilling across different materials and applications. The worktable’s ability to revolve and swivel, with slots for clamping, makes intricate positioning a straightforward process.

Standing tall at 1635mm, the Renegade R43016F combines power with thoughtful design. Its robust construction promises endurance and reliability for long-term use, making it a suitable addition to any workshop looking for a sturdy and adaptable drilling solution.

4. Baumr-AG Annular Drill Press

Baumr-AG Annular Drill Press

The Baumr-AG Annular Drill Press offers a focused blend of power and precision with a rated output of 1100W. Designed for specialised tasks, it delivers a hole cutting diameter range of 12-35mm, ensuring versatility for various project sizes.

Depth is a central feature, with the press achieving a maximum hole cutting depth of 40mm, and a notable standard drilling depth capacity of 75mm, allowing for deep penetration in a single pass. A fixed speed of 900 rpm acknowledges the tool’s specialisation in consistent, high-quality output.

Where the Baumr-AG truly distinguishes itself is with its formidable magnetic adhesion force of 11500N. This advanced feature secures the press firmly in place, providing stability and reliability during heavy-duty drilling, making it an asset for precision metalworking.

5. Sherwood Benchtop Portable Drill Press

Sherwood Benchtop Portable Drill Press

The Sherwood Benchtop Portable Drill Press is a versatile addition to any workshop, featuring a 750W motor that provides sufficient power for a multitude of drilling applications. Its precision is highlighted by an impressive run-out of only 0.03mm, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every job.

With 16 speed options ranging from 220 to 2840 rpm, the drill press can adapt to various materials, giving users the control necessary for both softwood and dense metal tasks. The spindle travel of 82mm accommodates substantial depths, while the swing of 360mm indicates a wide reach around the machine’s pillar.

The machine boasts a chuck capacity of 3-16mm, fitting a broad array of drill bit sizes for different work requirements. Furthermore, the quill size stands at 55mm, and the robust post diameter of 85mm speaks to the overall sturdy build. The Sherwood Benchtop Portable Drill Press combines adaptability with precision, making it a reliable choice for those requiring precision and flexibility


What is a good horsepower for a drill press?

A good horsepower for a drill press typically ranges from 1/3 to 1/2 HP for light-duty work and up to 1 HP or more for heavy-duty tasks.

What is the most common drill press?

The most common drill press is the benchtop drill press, valued for its versatility, compact size, and sufficient power for a wide range of drilling tasks in both home workshops and small professional settings.

Are Sherwood drill presses any good?

Sherwood drill presses are generally well-regarded for their quality, durability, and value within their market segment. They offer a range of models suitable for hobbyists and light commercial users, featuring solid construction and user-friendly features. Reviews suggest a positive user experience, but the best choice always depends on specific needs and applications.