The Best Impact Drivers Australia

When it comes to home improvement and construction projects, having the right tools isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. For tradies, DIY aficionados, and professionals alike, a reliable impact driver stands as a testament to efficiency, precision, and power in their toolkit. Specially designed for heavy-duty tasks that would challenge the humble drill, impact drivers are all about making your work not only easier but also more effective.

With the market flooded with options, it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect partner for your project needs. That’s why we’ve taken the time to narrow down the list to the cream of the crop: the best impact drivers you can find in Australia. So, whether you’re looking to drive screws through tough surfaces with finesse or require a compact tool that packs a punch, our curated selection is here to power through the choices and steer you toward the ideal impact driver for your toolbox.

In the spirit of Aussie ingenuity and can-do attitude, let’s dive into the world of impact drivers, where we’ll explore what makes each one stand out in a land of tough competitors. From high-torque heroes to budget-friendly workhorses, our list is designed to help you make an informed decision swiftly—so you can get back to what you do best, creating and constructing with confidence.

How to Choose the Impact Driver for you

Choosing the perfect impact driver involves understanding the demands of your projects and the capabilities of the tool. Let’s delve into the various factors you should consider to ensure you select the impact driver that best suits your needs.

Power and Torque:

One of the primary specifications you’ll want to look at is the torque, measured in Newton-metres (Nm). This indicates the tool’s turning strength and impacts its ability to drive screws into tough materials. For most home DIY tasks, an impact driver with 135 Nm to 180 Nm is sufficient. If you’re a professional requiring more heavy-duty performance, you’ll want to look for devices upwards of 200 Nm.

Speed Settings and Control:

The RPM (rotations per minute) is a measure of how fast the impact driver can spin. A higher maximum RPM gives you faster screw driving, which can be crucial in time-sensitive projects. Additionally, multiple speed settings can afford you greater control, allowing you to adjust based on the task at hand to avoid damaging materials or fasteners.

Battery Life and Voltage:

Most impact drivers are cordless and rely on batteries. The voltage will often give you a good idea of the power level – common voltages for impact drivers range from 12V for light use to 18V or 20V for more intensive tasks. You should also consider the amp hours (Ah) of your battery; a higher Ah rating will give you longer use on a single charge. For example, a battery rated at 5Ah can deliver 5 amps of power for one hour. Battery technology, like lithium-ion, offers longer life, more power, and lighter weight.

Size and Weight:

A compact and lightweight tool can minimise user fatigue and make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The trade-off is usually power, so you’ll want to find a balance between a tool that’s comfortable to handle and one that can perform the tasks you need it to.

Brushless Motor:

Brushless motors are more efficient, produce less heat, and require less maintenance than brushed motors. They also offer better performance and longer battery life. Choosing an impact driver with a brushless motor may be more expensive initially, but it can be cost-effective in the long run.

Build Quality and Brand Reputation:

Look for impact drivers from reputable manufacturers that are known for quality. Well-built tools will last longer and often perform better. Brands like DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, and Milwaukee are renowned for their quality power tools and usually offer good warranties.

Additional Features

Other features that might influence your choice include:

– Built-in LED lights for working in dimly lit areas.

– Belt hooks for easy carrying.

– Magnetic bit holder for convenience.

– Tool case or bag for transport and storage.

– Brushless motor for better efficiency and longevity.

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The Best Impact Drivers Australia

1. Topex Cordless Impact Driver

Topex Cordless Impact Driver

The Topex Cordless Impact Driver stands out with its powerful performance, offering 180 Nm of torque and a maximum of 3200 RPMs for efficient task completion. This tool is designed to tackle demanding jobs with speed and precision, a true workhorse in any toolkit.

User convenience is at the forefront, featuring a quick-release chuck that facilitates easy one-handed bit changes. The incorporation of an LED Work Light enhances visibility, reducing the risk of errors in low-light conditions.

Mobility meets functionality with this impact driver. It provides a no-load speed ranging from 0 to 2300 rpm and an impact frequency up to 3200 bpm, ensuring adaptability for various tasks. The belt clip and a standard 6.35mm (1/4) hex drive size make it a versatile choice for professionals on the move.

2. Makita DTD154RTE

Makita DTD154RTE

The Makita Impact Drill features a brushless motor, engineered for enhanced power and extended runtimes, making it a reliable tool for prolonged projects. Its brushless technology ensures that energy is used efficiently, translating to more work done on a single charge.

Durability is key with its robust aluminium hammer case, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. This impact driver also boasts one-touch bit installation, streamlining the process and saving precious time on the job. The electronic 3-stage impact selection allows for tailored use, adapting to the task at hand.

User comfort is not overlooked, thanks to the ergonomically designed handle reducing fatigue during operation. Additionally, the unique T-mode is optimised for driving self-drilling screws, while the variable speed trigger grants users complete control over the device’s speed, enhancing precision for a variety of applications.

3. Baumr Impact Driver

Baumr Impact Driver

The Baumr Impact Driver is tailored for efficiency with a quick-release hex chuck that simplifies bit changes, enhancing the workflow for users. Its ergonomic and lightweight build makes for easy handling, reducing user fatigue during extended use.

Designed with user experience in mind, this impact driver is well-balanced and features a highly responsive trigger for precision control. Comfort is further improved by the thermoplastic rubber overmolded handle, which provides a firm grip during tasks.

Practicality extends to its power management; a quick-release button allows for rapid battery changes. The handy charge indicator keeps users informed, paired with a 20V Lithium-ion battery that boasts a 45-minute runtime and a swift 60-minute recharge. Its no-load speed reaches 3000rpm, ensuring swift and effective performance.

4. Milwaukee M18FID30

Milwaukee M18FID30

The Milwaukee impact driver boasts an enhanced motor, delivering up to 4,400 IPM (impacts per minute) and an impressive 226 Nm of max torque, ensuring it powers through even the most demanding applications with ease. Its advanced design significantly contributes to consistent, back-to-back performance without lag.

Speed is a standout feature, with the motor achieving an elevated 3,900 RPM, a noticeable improvement over previous models. This ensures tasks are completed rapidly, effectively diminishing downtime. The redesigned trigger mechanism offers a better user experience, with smoother acceleration and precise control over the tool’s impressive power.

Further amplifying its utility, the M18FID30 comes equipped with Tri-LED lighting to brighten workspaces and minimise shadows, improving precision. The 4-Mode Drive Control provides versatility, giving users the flexibility to adjust the impact driver’s speed and power according to specific applications, enhancing overall efficiency.

5. Ingco Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver

Ingco Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver

The Ingco Impact Driver comes prepared to tackle a variety of tasks with its 1/4 hex shank and dual no-load speed settings of 0-1300 and 0-2300 rpm, giving users the flexibility to match the tool’s performance to their specific needs. It delivers a powerful impact rate of up to 3300 bpm, paired with a robust 200 NM of torque, suitable for a range of driving applications.

Functionality is enhanced by the integrated work light, a feature that ensures visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for precision work anytime, anywhere. Convenience is key with this impact driver as it includes two 20V Li-ion 2.0Ah batteries, ensuring prolonged use and less downtime between charges.

The package is rounded off with practical accessories – a 1-hour fast charger, two screwdriver bits, and three nut setters – making the Ingco Impact Driver not just a tool but a complete kit ready to take on various jobs straight out of the box.


Can an impact driver be too powerful?

An impact driver can indeed be excessively powerful for certain tasks, risking damage to the workpiece or fasteners. For precision jobs or softer materials, a driver with too high torque might strip screws or splinter wood, making a tool with adjustable settings and lower torque ranges valuable.

What is a good torque for an impact driver?

A good torque range for an impact driver is typically between 135 and 180 Newton-metres (Nm). This range is sufficient for a wide array of tasks, including driving large fasteners and decking screws. Professional grade models may offer over 200 Nm for more demanding construction applications.

What impact driver do mechanics use?

Mechanics often use high-torque impact drivers like the Milwaukee M18 FUEL or DeWalt 20V MAX XR, capable of delivering over 200 Nm of torque, to effectively tackle automotive tasks requiring robust power, such as loosening and fastening lug nuts or driving large bolts.