The Best Bench Grinders Australia

Whether you’re a woodworking enthusiast or a metalworking professional, one thing remains true – the importance of presenting a smooth, polished finished product. The key to achieving this lies in the use of a reliable bench grinder. 

They are designed to be mountable on a workbench, these powerful tools offer a multitude of features that make the grinding process both efficient and convenient. In this blog post, we will explore the best bench grinders available in Australia, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make a well-informed decision and achieve impeccable results in your projects.

How to Choose the Best Bench Grinders for you

Choosing the best bench grinder involves a careful consideration of several factors to ensure that the tool meets your specific needs. Here is an in-depth guide on what to consider when selecting a bench grinder:

Intended Use:

For light-duty tasks like sharpening tools or cleaning up small parts, a standard bench grinder with a 150-watt to 250-watt motor might be sufficient.

For medium to heavy-duty grinding, shaping metal, or heavy material removal, you may require a more robust machine with at least a 300-watt to 500-watt motor.

Wheel Size and Type:

Common wheel sizes are 150mm and 200mm. The larger the wheel, the larger the area it can grind in a single pass.

Wheel types vary and include grit wheels for sharpening, diamond wheels for hard materials, and buffing wheels for polishing.

Choose a wheel material and grit that suits the material you’ll be working with most often.

Motor Speed:

Grinder speeds are measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Typical speeds range from 2,000 to 4,000 RPM.

Some materials require slower speeds to avoid overheating, so consider a grinder with variable speed control if you’ll be working with a variety of materials.

Build Quality:

Stability is crucial for precision. Look for grinders with a solid base, preferably made from cast iron or steel.

Higher build quality reduces vibration, which can affect the accuracy of your grinding.

Safety Features:

Eye shields protect your eyes from flying debris.

Spark deflectors help direct sparks away from the user.

Dust extraction ports allow for the connection of a dust collector to keep your workspace clean.

Noise and Vibration:

Some grinders are engineered to operate more quietly and with less vibration. If you’ll be using the grinder frequently or for extended periods, consider these ergonomic factors.

Tool Rests:

Adjustable tool rests are essential for supporting the workpiece at the correct angle. Ensure they are sturdy and easy to adjust.

Power Source:

Most bench grinders are corded electric tools. Ensure you have the correct voltage and power outlet for the model you choose.

Accessories and Compatibility:

Some bench grinders come with additional accessories such as buffing wheels, tool sharpening jigs or stands. Availability of these accessories can extend the usefulness of your grinder.

Check the compatibility of the grinder with accessories available in the market, as this can enhance the tool’s versatility.

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The Best Bench Grinders Australia

1. Abbott & Ashby AA362W8

Abbott & Ashby AA362W8

The Abbott & Ashby AA362W8 introduces a novel design tailored for efficiency. Its patent-pending feature facilitates swift alterations to the working angle in precise 6° increments, negating the need for cumbersome disassembly. This enhances versatility and reduces downtime significantly, catering to a variety of grinding tasks with ease.

In its design, the top platen serves a dual purpose, enabling users to perform flat surface grinding with optimal access. When not required, it can be conveniently retracted, allowing for unobstructed free strapping. This thoughtful design aspect broadens the utility of the tool without compromising on functionality.

Adjustability and maintenance of the AA362W8 are user-friendly attributions. An easy-to-use belt tracking adjustment knob is complemented by a secure lock mechanism, ensuring belt alignment with minimal effort. Moreover, the patent-pending self-locking arm expedites belt changes, offering a seamless transition that is both time-saving and hassle-free. Out-of-the-box readiness with a fully assembled lining attachment means users can dive into their projects immediately.

2. Makita GB801

Makita’s GB801 bench grinder merges enhanced aesthetics with engineering finesse. The new design not only elevates its visual appeal but also brings a range of practical updates. Wheel covers now come with integrated task lights, providing clarity and focus to intricate work, a direct benefit for precision and safety.

The device’s engineering seeks to harmonise performance with comfort, incorporating an adjustable wheel balance feature. By minimising vibration, users enjoy a smoother operation, which can lead to more precise results and less fatigue during extended use. An added magnifying feature in one of the eye-shields further caters to detailed tasks, ensuring close work is sharper and more accurate.

At the heart of the GB801 lies a split capacitor motor, a design choice that leans towards efficiency and quiet operation. Its continuous rating underscores reliability, while the no-load speed of 2,850rpm promises swift and consistent grinding. The overall length of 395mm indicates a compact footprint, making it a suitable addition to any workspace without compromising on capability.

3. Linishall BG8

Linishall BG8

The Linishall BG8 stands as a robust bench grinder with practical features for both professional and hobbyist use. Included with the grinder is a wheel dresser that maintains the grinding wheels, ensuring they remain efficient and true over time. The adjustable oval eye shields with magnifying glass benefit users needing precision, providing a clear view for intricate work.

Durability and comfort are central to the BG8’s design, evidenced by its cast metal tool rests which offer steady support for various workpieces. An adjustable work light enhances visibility, a boon for accuracy and safety. Furthermore, the pre-loaded bearings are designed to eliminate end play, resulting in smoother operation and longer tool life.

Performance-wise, the BG8 boasts a 750W (1.0HP) motor that drives the grinding wheels at a brisk 2850 rpm, making quick work of sharpening and shaping tasks. The heavy sheet metal wheel guards add both safety and longevity to the unit. With a grinding wheel diameter of 200mm (8 inches) and a shaft diameter (wheel bore) of 16mm (5/8 inch), this grinder is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of grinding jobs.

4. Metabo DS200 PLUS

Metabo DS200PLUS

The Metabo DS200 PLUS is engineered to cater to intricate sharpening, grinding, and deburring tasks. It’s a potent ally for those who work with steel, offering the capability to accommodate steel wheel brushes vital for rust removal. This versatility is key for maintaining tools and components in workshops and garages.

Illumination is critical when precision is paramount, and the DS200 PLUS addresses this with an integrated LED light designed to cast an optimal glow over the working area. The large, tiltable workpiece support includes a practical V-groove, specifically beneficial for the precision sharpening of welding needles, enhancing the tool’s utility for specialised tasks.

What sets the DS200 PLUS apart is its focus on user experience. The low-noise, low-vibration induction motor is not just maintenance-free but also contributes to a more comfortable work environment. The promise of smooth operation and extended disc life is upheld by the high-quality mounting flanges, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliability. Moreover, the tool-free adjustable workpiece support adds convenience to this already user-friendly model.

5. Multitool PO362-200

Multitool PO362-200

The Multitool PO362-200 is built with a sturdy 600W induction motor, designed to tackle a broad range of grinding tasks with reliable performance. The robust motor is well-matched with 25mm width grinding wheels that can handle various materials, making it a versatile addition to any workshop. It’s a machine geared towards those who need constant power for their grinding operations.

Constructed with a cast iron body and base, this grinder promises durability and stability, minimising wear and tear over time. The presence of vibration absorbing pads beneath the base contributes to smoother operation, reducing the transfer of vibrations to the user and enhancing precision in grinding tasks. The built-in Capacitor Start-Run motor ensures maximum performance from start-up, providing the necessary torque for challenging materials.

User experience is a focal point in the design of the Multitool PO362-200. Heavy-duty tool rests offer solid support and control for the user, allowing for more accurate and safe grinding. Additionally, the large eye shields increase safety, providing ample protection from sparks and debris. This grinder is tailored for individuals who require a reliable, long-lasting tool that places a premium on user control and safety.


Is a 6 or 8 bench grinder better?

An 8-inch bench grinder is generally better for larger, more intensive projects due to its larger wheel size, which offers a broader surface area and longer life. A 6-inch grinder is more compact and sufficient for smaller tasks and can fit in tighter workspaces.

How powerful should a bench grinder be?

A bench grinder should be powerful enough to handle the tasks you plan to undertake. For general-purpose grinding, a motor rated between 150 to 500 watts is common. Light-duty work typically requires a lower wattage, while more intensive tasks may necessitate a higher wattage motor.

Which brand is best for grinder in Australia?

In Australia, reputable brands for bench grinders include Makita, DeWalt, and Metabo , known for their reliability and quality. The best brand for an individual depends on specific needs, preferences, and budget, as each offers a range of grinders catering to various requirements.