The Best Rotary Hammers Australia

Are you ready to tackle some heavy-duty drilling tasks with ease and precision? Whether you’re a professional tradesman or a DIY enthusiast, the right tool can make all the difference between a job well-done and a frustrating experience. 

In Australia, with its wide array of construction projects and home renovations, having a reliable rotary hammer can be the key to efficient and effective work. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best rotary hammer for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the world of rotary hammers, showcasing the best models available in Australia. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of what to look for in a top-notch rotary hammer. From power and performance to comfort and durability, we understand that the details matter when it comes to selecting a tool that won’t let you down.

How to Choose the Best Rotary Hammer for you

Choosing the best rotary hammer for your needs involves considering several critical factors. These powerful tools are designed for drilling through tough materials like concrete and masonry with more force and capability than standard hammer drills. Below, I’ll go through a detailed breakdown to help you select the ideal rotary hammer:

Type of Rotary Hammer:

There are typically two types of rotary hammers: SDS-Plus (or SDS) and SDS-Max. SDS-Plus models are suitable for light to medium-duty work, while SDS-Max is designed for heavy-duty tasks. The choice here depends on the magnitude of work you plan to undertake.

Motor Power and Impact Energy:

Motor power is measured in watts (for corded models) or volts (for cordless). Higher power enables the drill to perform tough tasks more easily. Impact energy, measured in joules, indicates the hammer’s strength. A higher impact energy translates to the ability to drill larger holes and drive through harder materials.

Hammer Action:

A good rotary hammer should provide a robust hammering action, making it more efficient at breaking through hard materials. Look for models with an electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism for the best performance.

Speed and Control:

Variable speed control is essential for precision drilling. It allows you to adjust the drilling speed based on the material and the task at hand, preventing cracking or damage. A model with a constant speed control feature maintains optimal speed under load.

Weight and Ergonomics:

The weight of your rotary hammer affects user fatigue and maneuverability. For overhead or extended use, a lighter model would be less tiring. Ergonomic features such as a D-shaped handle, vibration control, and soft grip can significantly enhance comfort and reduce strain.

Corded vs. Cordless:

Corded rotary hammers typically offer continuous power without worrying about battery life, which is ideal for prolonged use. Cordless models provide portability and convenience but ensure it comes with a high-capacity, durable battery for substantial working time.

Accessories and Chucks:

The chuck design affects the bit change process. Tool-free bit change systems save time and hassle. Also, consider the availability and variety of drill bits and chisels compatible with the rotary hammer for the tasks you plan to perform.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, so look for features like clutch disengagement, which prevents high-torque reactions if the bit jams, and automatic shut-offs for when the tool overheats or is overloaded.

Job Specifics:

Lastly, consider the specifics of the job you will be undertaking. For example, if you work primarily with concrete, you might need a more powerful rotary hammer than if you are drilling through softer brick or tile.

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The Best Rotary Hammers Australia 

1. Milwaukee M18FH-0

Milwaukee M18FH-0

The Milwaukee M18FH-0 stands out with its 3-mode operation, catering to diverse masonry needs. Its Powerstate  Brushless Motor and 2.7 J impact energy translate into fast drilling and high-performance outcomes.

Comfort isn’t sacrificed for power; the tool’s Anti-Vibration System (AVS) and Autostop Kickback Control ensure a safer and more comfortable user experience. The Redlink Plus Intelligence system further enhances tool longevity by preventing common battery-related issues.

Additional features like an integrated LED light and compatibility with the M18 Fuel Hammervac dust extractor make the M18FH-0 a versatile and precise choice for professionals. The adjustable depth gauge rod is a nod towards the tool’s commitment to accuracy in every job.

2. Dewalt DCH273N-XJ

Dewalt DCH273N-XJ

The Dewalt DCH273N-XJ is engineered with Perform & Protect technology, boasting best-in-class vibration control at 6.6m/s², which significantly diminishes user fatigue during extended use. Its advanced electronic clutch promotes consistent torque and enhances the tool’s durability.

This rotary hammer’s compact and ergonomic design emphasizes user comfort and reduces strain, making it ideal for prolonged projects. Versatility is evident in its rotation stop mode for delicate chiseling and impact stop mode catered to wood and metal drilling.

Enhancing the ease of use, the DCH273N-XJ comes equipped with a bright white LED light featuring a delay function, ensuring visibility is never compromised in less illuminated work areas. This feature underscores the tool’s adaptability to various working conditions.

3. Makita DHR242Z

Makita DHR242Z

The Makita DHR242Z rotary hammer features a brushless DC motor, offering an impressive reduction in energy loss by 30%, which optimizes battery life and efficiency. The convenience of a one-touch sliding SDS Plus type chuck enhances bit installation and removal.

Designed for versatility, the tool offers variable speed control via the trigger, a torque limiter for safety, and an easy-to-grip handle that ensures comfort across a spectrum of tasks. The mode selector is strategically positioned for ease of adjustment, providing 40 different bit angle settings.

Unique to the Makita DHR242Z is the construction that reduces vibration impact—rubber joints prevent vibration transmission to battery terminals, and the tool body incorporates vibration-absorbing cushion rubbers between the upper and lower housings, further ensuring durability and user comfort.

4. Metabo KHA18LTXBL24

Metabo KHA18LTXBL24

The Metabo KHA18LTXBL24 is a testament to the fusion of lightweight design and power in cordless hammers, featuring an integrated extraction interface for a clean work environment. Brushless technology paired with high-performance hammer action ensures peak drilling efficiency and prolongs the tool’s lifespan.

Tailored for versatility, it boasts three functions: hammer drilling, drilling, and chiseling, all while prioritizing user comfort through Metabo VibraTech (MVT) for reduced fatigue and healthier operation. Additionally, the Metabo Quick system allows for swift, tool-free chuck changes between SDS-plus and cylindrical drill bits.

With Vario Constamatic (VTC) Electronics, the tool adapts to various materials by providing nearly constant speeds under load. Enhanced safety is provided via electronic and mechanical shutdown mechanisms in the event of a drill jam, while an LED work light ensures clear visibility at the drilling site.

5.WORX  Rotary Hammer Drill 

WORX  Rotary Hammer Drill

The WORX Nitro Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill leverages brushless motor technology to outperform conventional brushed motors, boasting 50% longer uptime, 25% more power, and a significantly extended lifetime. Its capabilities encompass four functions, including drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, and a dedicated chisel angle adjustment for optimal positioning.

A strong suit of this rotary hammer is its 2.0J of impact energy, making quick work of drilling into concrete, wood, and steel of varying thicknesses. The incorporation of anti-vibration technology and an ergonomic design further enhances user comfort and command over the tool.

Designed with user safety in mind, the WORX Nitro includes a safety clutch. The unique electronic impulse mode minimizes the risk of tile cracking during drilling. The variable speed control with a reverse function ensures users have precise control for a multitude of drilling tasks.


Is a rotary hammer better than a hammer drill?

A rotary hammer is generally more powerful than a hammer drill, providing greater impact energy for drilling and chiseling through hard materials like concrete and masonry efficiently, while a hammer drill is better suited for lighter masonry work due to its lower power output.

Can a rotary hammer break concrete?

A rotary hammer can break concrete. It employs a piston mechanism to deliver high impact energy, typically measured in joules, which can effectively chip, bore, and break through concrete and other tough materials when equipped with the appropriate chisels or bits.

Who makes the best Roto hammer?

In Australia, leading manufacturers of high-quality rotary hammers include Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee. These brands are renowned for their durability, performance, and innovation in tool design, consistently receiving top reviews from both professionals and DIY enthusiasts for their roto hammer offerings.