The Best Carry on Luggage In Australia

Traveling in style is a desire shared by many, and having the right carry-on luggage can make all the difference. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your next adventure, having reliable and stylish luggage is essential. In Australia, there are a plethora of options to choose from, each offering unique features and designs. 

In this blog post, we will explore the top carry-on luggage options available in Australia, including their durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. From sleek and minimalist designs to innovative features like built-in charging ports, we will guide you through the best options to help you travel in style and convenience. Get ready to discover the perfect travel companion that will elevate your travel experience to new heights.

How to Choose the Best Carry On Luggage for you

Selecting the right carry-on luggage is crucial for a seamless travel experience, and there are several key factors to consider before making your decision. Let’s dive into the essential aspects to keep in mind:

Size & Weight Requirements: The first step in choosing the perfect carry-on is to check the size and weight restrictions of the airlines you frequently travel with. Different airlines have varying guidelines for carry-on luggage, so it’s essential to ensure your chosen bag complies with these limits to avoid any hassle at the airport.

Durability & Material: Look for luggage made from high-quality, durable materials such as ballistic nylon, polycarbonate, or hard-shell materials. These options can withstand rough handling and protect your belongings during transit. Soft-shell luggage is more flexible and often expands to accommodate additional items, but it may not be as resistant to wear and tear.

Wheels & Handles: Opt for luggage with sturdy, multidirectional spinner wheels, as they offer excellent maneuverability in crowded spaces, like airports and train stations. Additionally, telescopic handles should be reliable and extend to a comfortable height for ease of use.

Compartments: A well-designed carry-on should have multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to keep your belongings organized. Look for features like interior dividers, zippered mesh pockets, and compression straps to secure your items and minimize wrinkles.

Security Features: Protect your valuables with luggage that includes reliable security features, such as combination locks or TSA-approved locks. These will keep your belongings safe while complying with airport security regulations.

Carry Options: Consider how you prefer to carry your luggage. Some carry-ons come with both side handles and a top handle, making it easier to lift and maneuver. Additionally, if you prefer a hands-free option, look for a bag with a comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Style and Aesthetics: Your carry-on luggage reflects your personal style, so choose a design that resonates with you. There are various colors, patterns, and sleek designs available to suit your taste and make a statement while traveling.

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The Best Carry on Luggage In Australia

1. Wanderlite Luggage Travel Trolley

Wanderlite Luggage Travel Trolley

The Wanderlite Luggage Travel Trolley is the perfect companion for your travels. With its lightweight design and convenient features, it ensures a hassle-free journey. The luggage comes equipped with a built-in retractable trolley system, allowing you to easily maneuver through crowded airports and terminals. 

The smooth 360° dual wheels spinner offers effortless gliding, making it a breeze to navigate different surfaces. Your belongings are kept safe and secure with the integrated code lock, giving you peace of mind during your trips. The aluminium pull rod adds to its durability and sturdiness, while the corner guard protectors ensure your luggage stays intact even during rough handling. 

2. Slimbridge Travel Luggage Set 

Slimbridge 2pcs 20 Travel Luggage Set

The Slimbridge Travel Luggage Set is designed to make your travels a breeze. Crafted with ABS construction and a scratch-proof PC layer, this luggage set offers excellent durability and protection for your belongings. Despite its sturdy build, it features an ultra-light structure, ensuring that you can pack more without worrying about exceeding weight limits. 

This luggage set is wear-resistant, capable of withstanding the rigors of travel, and maintaining its pristine appearance. To keep your possessions safe, an anti-theft lock is integrated into the design. The retractable aluminium handle allows for easy height adjustment, while the top and side carry handles provide alternative carrying options. With smooth and durable 360° rotatable wheels, you can effortlessly glide through airports and busy streets.

3. Travel Luggage Suitcase Case Carry On 

Travel Luggage Suitcase Case Carry On

The Travel Luggage Suitcase Case Carry On is designed to be your ideal travel companion, offering convenience and durability for your journeys. It is made with a scratch-proof ABS layer, this suitcase provides reliable protection for your belongings against scratches and external impacts. Its ultra-light structure ensures that you can pack efficiently without adding unnecessary weight to your luggage. 

The wear-resistant feature guarantees that the suitcase maintains its sleek appearance even after repeated use. The retractable aluminum handle allows for easy height adjustment, making it comfortable to maneuver through various travel situations. Additionally, the top and side carry handles offer alternative carrying options for your convenience. 

4. Slimbridge Luggage Suitcase

Slimbridge Luggage Suitcase

The Slimbridge Luggage Suitcase is designed to offer a perfect combination of style, functionality, and durability for your travels. It is  a scratch-proof PC layer, this suitcase provides outstanding protection for your belongings, ensuring they stay safe and scratch-free throughout your journeys. Its ultra-light structure allows you to pack efficiently and make the most of your weight allowance. The wear-resistant feature ensures that the suitcase maintains its sleek appearance even after frequent use, making it a long-lasting travel companion.

5. Milano Decor 3 Piece Luggage Set

Milano Decor 3 Piece Luggage Set

The Milano Decor 3 Piece Luggage Set is designed to enhance your travel experience with its thoughtful features and durability. The design allows for maximum capacity utilization, enabling you to fit even more belongings without compromising on convenience. The suitcase comes equipped with an ergonomic expandable telescopic handle, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred height for comfortable handling. With four smooth 360-degree multi-directional wheels, the luggage ensures smooth, quiet, and effortless movement, making it a joy to navigate through airports and busy streets.

6. Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Suitcases Luggage 2 Piece Set Carry On

The Suitcases Luggage 2 Piece Set Carry On offers both style and functionality for your travel needs. Each suitcase in the set is equipped with a retractable aluminium iron pull rod, providing a sturdy and reliable mechanism for adjusting the height to suit your comfort. For added security, a secure combination lock is integrated into the design, ensuring the safety of your belongings during transit. 

The suitcases feature an enhanced scratch-resistant surface, keeping them looking sleek and well-maintained even after frequent use. The smooth 360-degree dual spinner wheels enable effortless gliding in all directions, making navigation through airports and busy streets a breeze.


What is the biggest carry-on luggage size in Australia?

The biggest carry-on luggage size in Australia is typically around 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (approximately 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches), including the handle, wheels, and pockets. However, it’s essential to check with specific airlines, as size restrictions may vary slightly.

Is it better to go for a hard or soft bag for carry on luggage?

It depends on your preferences and needs. Hard-shell bags offer better protection for fragile items, while soft bags are more flexible and often have more external pockets for easy access. Consider durability, weight, and airline restrictions before deciding.

What is the best size for a carry-on luggage?

The best size for a carry-on luggage is typically around 21 to 22 inches in height, 14 to 16 inches in width, and 9 to 10 inches in depth. Always check the specific size restrictions of the airlines you’ll be traveling with to ensure compliance.

What are the rules for carry on bags?

Rules for carry-on bags typically include size and weight restrictions set by airlines. Most airlines allow carry-ons with dimensions around 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm) and a maximum weight of 7-10 kg (15-22 lbs). Liquids must be in containers under 100ml and fit in a clear, resealable bag.