The best robot vacuums in australia

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, keeping our homes clean and tidy can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But worry not, as modern technology has introduced us to a game-changing solution – the Robot Vacuum! These nifty little gadgets have revolutionized the way we maintain our living spaces, giving us more time to focus on the things that truly matter.

If you’re in Australia and seeking the ultimate cleaning companion, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll explore the best robot vacuums available on the market. These sleek, autonomous devices have come a long way, equipped with advanced features and intelligent technologies that make cleaning a breeze.

So, if you’ve been pondering whether to invest in a robot vacuum or are looking to upgrade your current one, you’re in for a treat! Join us as we delve into the top contenders, each vying to become your trusty automated cleaning assistant. From powerful suction capabilities to intelligent mapping and user-friendly interfaces, we’ve got the latest scoop on the most efficient and effective robot vacuums tailor-made for Australian homes.

How to Choose the Robot Vacuum for you

Choosing the right robot vacuum for your needs requires careful consideration of various factors. With a plethora of models and features available in the market, finding the perfect match might seem overwhelming. However, fear not, as we’ve compiled comprehensive information, backed by facts and figures, to guide you through the process of selecting the ideal robot vacuum for you.

Floor Type & Cleaning Needs: Consider the type of flooring in your home. Robot vacuums perform best on hard floors like tile, hardwood, and laminate. However, some models also excel on carpets and rugs. If you have a mix of floor types, look for a robot vacuum with adaptive cleaning modes that can adjust its settings based on the surface.

Power & Performance: Suction power plays a crucial role in a robot vacuum’s cleaning performance. Look for models with high suction ratings, usually measured in Pascals (Pa). The higher the Pa rating, the better the vacuum’s ability to pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair. Aim for a robot vacuum with at least 1500 Pa for effective cleaning.

Battery Life: Robot vacuums rely on rechargeable batteries to operate autonomously. The battery life determines how long the vacuum can run on a single charge. Longer runtime is essential for larger homes. Look for models with extended battery life, preferably offering at least 90 minutes of continuous cleaning.

Charging & Resumption: Robot vacuums should have the ability to automatically return to their charging dock when the battery is low. Moreover, some advanced models can resume cleaning from where they left off after recharging, ensuring complete cleaning coverage.

Navigation & Mapping: Modern robot vacuums utilize intelligent navigation systems, such as laser mapping or camera-based vision, to efficiently clean your home. Laser-based mapping creates accurate floor plans, optimizing cleaning routes and avoiding obstacles. Some models even allow you to set virtual boundaries, preventing the robot from entering restricted areas.

Smart Connectivity & Control: Integration with smart home ecosystems is a valuable feature in robot vacuums. Look for models that can be controlled via smartphone apps, voice assistants (like Alexa or Google Assistant), or even through a dedicated remote control. This allows you to schedule cleaning sessions, monitor progress, and receive notifications remotely.

Dustbin Capacity & Filtration: Consider the dustbin capacity of the robot vacuum. A larger bin will require less frequent emptying, which is especially important for pet owners or households with high foot traffic. Additionally, look for vacuums with HEPA or high-efficiency filters, as they trap allergens and dust particles, ensuring cleaner air.

Maintenance & Replacement Parts: Robot vacuums require regular maintenance to perform optimally. Check if the model you’re considering has easily accessible and replaceable parts like brushes, filters, and wheels. Availability of replacement parts is essential for the long-term performance of your vacuum.

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The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Australia

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and efficient cleaning solution designed to simplify your household chores. Equipped with a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, it navigates your home intelligently, mapping its surroundings and efficiently planning its cleaning route.

With a strong suction power of up to 2500 Pa, this robot vacuum ensures thorough cleaning on various floor surfaces. The touch pad control panel and APP remote control offer user-friendly operation, allowing you to schedule and customize cleaning sessions with ease.

Safety is paramount, and the robot vacuum comes equipped with cliff sensors and obstacle sensors to avoid falls and collisions during operation. The automatic suction power adjustment optimizes cleaning efficiency while preserving battery life. Once the cleaning is done, the robot automatically returns to its self-charging base for hassle-free recharging.

2. My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic 

My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic

The My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic vacuum is a cutting-edge cleaning solution that brings convenience and technology to your home. With its gyroscopic navigation and floor mapping features, you can control the GMAX vacuum directly from your phone or tablet, ensuring seamless and efficient cleaning.

Its Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to manage and monitor the cleaning process from anywhere, giving you full control at your fingertips. The vacuuming, dry, and wet mopping capabilities make it a versatile cleaning companion, tackling various surfaces and messes with ease.

Equipped with a 3D Filter and HEPA filter, this vacuum ensures thorough cleaning, capturing even the tiniest particles and allergens. The brushless fan motor, boasting a powerful 1500 PA suction, guarantees a deep and effective cleaning performance.

3. Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum 

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum 

The Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum is a powerful and intelligent cleaning companion that promises exceptional performance. With its 500Pa suction, it ensures thorough and efficient cleaning on various floor surfaces, leaving your home spotless.

Equipped with PreciSense LiDAR navigation and automatic room recognition, the S7 navigates your home with precision, mapping its surroundings and efficiently planning the cleaning route. The adaptive route algorithms optimize cleaning efficiency, ensuring no area is left untouched.

The robot vacuum features scratch-safe wheels and brushes, preventing damage to your furniture and floors during cleaning. The Sensient sensor array enhances its ability to detect and avoid obstacles, minimizing the risk of collisions.

4. Pursonic i9 Robotic Vacuum

Pursonic i9 Robotic Vacuum

The Pursonic i9 Robotic Vacuum is a versatile and intelligent cleaning solution that offers a wide range of features to keep your home pristine. With vacuuming, dry and wet mopping capabilities, it can handle various cleaning tasks, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning performance.

Equipped with an intelligent anti-collision and anti-fall system, the i9 navigates your home safely, avoiding obstacles and preventing falls from stairs or ledges. The 3D Filter + HEPA filter ensures effective filtration, capturing even the smallest particles and allergens, providing cleaner and healthier air.

The automatic cleaning and charging feature allows the i9 to handle cleaning tasks independently, returning to its charging dock when the battery is low. With a 0.9L dustbin and a separate 0.65L water tank, it can handle larger cleaning sessions without frequent emptying or refilling.

5. My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum

My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum

The My Genie Gmax Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum is a smart and efficient cleaning companion that offers a host of user-friendly features. With gyroscopic navigation and floor mapping accessible from your phone or tablet, controlling the GMAX vacuum is both intuitive and convenient.

Its HEPA filter ensures thorough cleaning by capturing smaller dirt particles, allergens, and bacteria, promoting cleaner and healthier air in your home. The automatic suction-power adjustment optimizes cleaning efficiency, adapting to different surfaces for a deeper clean.

The brushless fan motor with a powerful 1500 PA suction ensures effective suction power, making quick work of dirt and debris. For those seeking a smart, easy-to-use, and effective cleaning solution, the My Genie Gmax Vacuum is a reliable choice that delivers convenience and cleanliness to your home.

6. Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum

The Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum is a powerhouse cleaning companion that leaves no mess behind. With app control, managing your cleaning sessions is effortless, offering the convenience of remote operation.

The enormous 4000 PA suction power sets this vacuum apart from its competitors, ensuring exceptional cleaning performance on various surfaces. The robot’s ability to detect and store obstacles prevents any missed spots during cleaning, except for designated prohibition zones.

With Laser SLAM and Gyroscope SLAM technology, the Tesvor S6 Turbo efficiently maps and navigates your home for optimal cleaning. The Wifi App and Live map provide real-time monitoring and control, allowing you to customize cleaning routes as needed.

7. TP-Link Tapo-RV10 Robot Vacuum


The TP-Link Tapo-Rv10-Plus Tapo Robot Vacuum is a feature-packed cleaning marvel that promises a hassle-free cleaning experience. The auto-empty function, with its 4L large dust bag, allows for hands-free cleaning without frequent emptying, making it perfect for busy households.

With 4-level suction modes, you can adjust the vacuum’s power to suit various cleaning needs and floor types, ensuring optimal cleaning results. The simple control via the Tapo App offers convenience at your fingertips, allowing you to schedule and monitor cleaning sessions remotely.

The robot vacuum’s impressive 3-hour continuous cleaning capability ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving your floors spotless. And when it’s done, the auto-charging feature automatically returns the vacuum to its charging dock for hassle-free recharging.


Is it worth getting a robot vacuum?

Yes, robot vacuums are worth it. They save time and effort by autonomously cleaning your home, especially in between regular cleanings. They excel in maintaining floors and can be a valuable addition for busy individuals or those with mobility challenges.

How many years do robot vacuums last?

The lifespan of robot vacuums varies based on brand, usage, and maintenance. On average, they can last around 2 to 5 years. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend their longevity.

Should I run my robot vacuum every day?

Running your robot vacuum daily is beneficial for high-traffic areas or homes with pets and allergies. However, adjust the frequency based on your cleaning needs and floor conditions to optimise battery life and ensure efficient cleaning.