The Best Portable Generators Australia

In this blog post, we will explore and review some of the top-rated portable generators on the market. From their features and performances to their durability and convenience, we will help you find the perfect portable generator that suits your needs and ensures a reliable power source wherever you go.

When it comes to being prepared for power outages or having a reliable power source while on the go, portable generators are an essential investment. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, hosting an outdoor event, or simply need a backup power supply for emergencies, having the best portable generator can make all the difference. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Generator for you

Choosing the best portable generator for your needs involves considering a number of factors, including power requirements, fuel type, noise level, portability, and additional features. Here is an in-depth guide to help you make an informed decision:

Understanding Your Power Requirements:

Before diving into the myriad of portable generator options, it’s crucial to assess your power requirements. Start by listing the devices and appliances you need to power – think refrigerators, sump pumps, lights, tools, or camping gear. Once you have your list, calculate the total wattage these items require by checking their labels or instruction manuals for their running and starting wattage. Remember, many appliances need more power to start up than to run, so it’s essential to account for this starting (or surge) wattage.

Type of Fuel and Fuel Efficiency:

Portable generators run on various types of fuel, with the most common being gasoline, diesel, propane, and in some cases, dual-fuel or hybrid options that offer more flexibility. Gasoline-powered generators are widely available and convenient but consider the fuel’s shelf-life and availability during extended outages. Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient and have longer lifespans, while LPG  offers clean combustion and longer shelf-life. Dual-fuel models allow you to switch between gasoline and propane, providing versatility in fuel choice.

Power Output and Runtime:

Once you’ve determined your wattage needs, look for a generator that provides a power output to match. It’s a good practice to choose a generator with a slightly higher wattage than you’ve calculated to ensure you won’t overload it. Also, consider the generator’s runtime on a full tank of fuel – the longer the runtime, the less frequently you’ll need to refuel, making it more convenient, especially in emergency scenarios.

Portability Features:

The very essence of a portable generator lies in its ease of transport and use. Factors such as weight, handle design, wheel kits, and overall dimensions will influence portability. Lightweight and compact models are ideal for camping and tailgating, while heavier-duty models with wheels are more suited for job sites and home backup use.

Noise Level:

The noise level is a significant consideration, particularly if you’ll be using the generator in a residential area or a campground. Look for generators with built-in noise-reducing features such as mufflers or sound-dampening technology. Inverter generators tend to operate more quietly and are generally preferred for activities such as camping or outdoor events.

Quality and Reliability:

The durability of a portable generator is dependent on the quality of its construction and components. Opt for generators from reputable brands that offer warranties and have a proven track record of reliability. 

Safety Features:

Safety should be at the forefront when choosing a portable generator. Look for models with safety features such as automatic low-oil shutoff, overload protection, and spark arrestors. These features not only protect the generator from damage but also ensure your safety and the safety of your appliances.

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The Best Portable Generators Australia

1. SP Tools SPGI3300 

SP Tools SPGI3300

The SP Tools SPGI3300 impresses with its reliable Torini 4-stroke engine, offering consistent power and efficiency for a variety of uses. It features a 3 in 1 multi-function control, adding convenience and adaptability whether you’re on a job site or enjoying the great outdoors.

Engineered with Engine Smart Control (ESC), this generator optimizes fuel consumption based on load requirements, ensuring an eco-friendly operation. Its 32-bit inverter core provides stable energy that is safe for sensitive electronics, making it a trustworthy power source.

Despite its robust construction, the SPGI3300 remains compact and easy to transport. The unit’s low running noise won’t disrupt your activities, and for those requiring more power, the parallel connection capability is a welcome feature. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the easy oil-change compartment, rounding out its user-friendly design.

2. Renegade R6500JSr 

Renegade R6500JS

The Renegade R6500JS stands out with its robust 4 Stroke 11.1 HP Motor, designed to deliver steadfast power when you need it the most. Its single cylinder and forced air cooling system ensure that the engine runs efficiently and remains at an optimal temperature, even under heavy usage.

Equipped with a generous 15-liter fuel tank, this generator offers an impressive continuous output of 5.0kW and can reach a maximum output of 6.5kW. Such resilient performance makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering tools to providing emergency home backup.

Safety is a priority with the Renegade R6500JS, featuring low oil level protection to prevent engine damage. Furthermore, its capability to run up to 5 hours at 50% load means you can rely on this generator to keep going when you need it most, without constant refueling interruptions.

3. Promac GC033IE

Promac GC033IE

The Promac GC033IE generator highlights its user-friendly aspects, beginning with an incredibly quiet operation at only 50 dB(A) from a 7-meter distance. This low noise level is ideal for camping, outdoor events, or residential use where minimal disturbance is crucial.

Starting the generator is a breeze, thanks to its dual recoil and electric starting system, accommodating user preference and convenience. With a maximum output of 3300W and a rated output of 3000W, it provides ample power for a range of devices and tools.

Functionality extends with its 10L fuel tank capacity, ensuring an extended run time of 11 hours at 50% load. This endurance, combined with two 15-amp power outlets and a handy 12-volt outlet, makes the Promac GC033IE a versatile and reliable power source for various electrical needs.

4. Subaru R1700I

Subaru R1700I

The Subaru R1700I portable generator brings convenience and efficiency to the forefront with all controls conveniently located on one panel. This intuitive design simplifies operation and allows for quick access to the generator’s features, fostering a user-friendly experience.

Its design incorporates an optimum cooling system and a large silenced muffler, which work in tandem to ensure the generator runs smoothly while keeping noise to a minimum. Such attributes make it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments. The built-in low oil sensor protection is an essential safety feature that maintains the longevity of the engine by preventing damage due to low oil levels.

For those needing power on-the-go, the Subaru R1700I offers a 12-volt, 8.3-amp DC battery charging capability, and with a 4hr running time at rated output, you can expect reliable performance. The generator operates on 4-stroke unleaded fuel and includes an auto power-saving function to enhance fuel efficiency, manifesting as a cost-effective solution for your power needs.

5. iForWay Camping Power Station

iForWay Camping Power Station

The iForway Camping Power Station stands as an indispensable companion for outdoor enthusiasts, delivering pure sine wave output to guarantee the safety of your devices. This clean energy output mirrors that of a home power socket, ensuring the safe operation of sensitive electronics.

Boasting large capacity, this power station is capable of powering 99% of your equipment, making it incredibly versatile for activities like camping, fieldwork, or emergency home use. Its fast charging capability allows you to replenish the power station in just 3 hours, ensuring it’s ready to go when you are.

With a total of 17 output ports, the iForway Camping Power Station can meet a diverse range of power requirements, allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices. Its rugged design is anti-shock and anti-drop, ensuring stability and reliability no matter where your adventures take you.

6. EcoFlow Smart Generator

EcoFlow Smart Generator

The EcoFlow Smart Generator elevates the standard of portable power with its state-of-the-art inverter generator design. Ideal for a variety of power needs, this generator operates at a frequency of 60Hz and offers a rated power of 1800W, with the capability to reach 1900W at peak performance.

At its core lies a single cylinder, four-stroke engine with forced-air cooling and an overhead valve, a configuration renowned for its efficiency and durability. This setup ensures that the generator runs smoothly and reliably, providing a steady stream of power when and where you need it.

Despite its impressive output, the EcoFlow Smart Generator is designed with displacement in mind, aiming to provide a lightweight and portable solution without sacrificing power. Whether for outdoor adventures or as an emergency power supply, this smart generator promises to be a dependable asset in a range of situations.

7. GenTrax Inverter Generator

EcoFlow Smart Generator

The GenTrax Inverter Generator is a digitally advanced portable power solution, boasting Australian approved weatherproof 15 Amp AC outlets for secure outdoor use. This feature ensures your electronics stay safe while powering up, regardless of the weather conditions.

Designed with convenience in mind, it includes a 12V DC outlet and comes with battery charging leads to keep your automotive and leisure batteries fully charged. A standout feature is its super quiet operation, producing only 57dB of noise at a 7-meter distance, making it ideal for campsites, tailgating, or anywhere you require discretion.

This generator offers 5 hours of continuous running time in economy mode, which, along with its 3-liter fuel capacity and economy mode option, highlights fuel efficiency. Safety is paramount with digital overload and tip-over protection, single pull start-up, AC overload protection, and automatic output adjustment, all integral to ensure a safe, efficient, and user-friendly experience.


What size generator do I need to run my house in Australia?

The size of the generator needed depends on your power requirements. For an average-sized Australian home, a generator between 5kW to 10kW may suffice for essential appliances. Assess your specific needs by summing up the wattage of everything you plan to run simultaneously.

Is a 22kw generator big enough for a house?

A  22kW generator is typically sufficient for running a larger home’s essential appliances and some central air conditioning units. It’s important to calculate your home’s specific power needs to ensure adequacy, taking into account starting watts for appliances.

What is the difference between a generator and an inverter generator?

Conventional generators output direct AC power, while inverter generators produce AC power, convert it to DC, and then back to a stable AC output. Inverter generators offer cleaner power, quieter operation, and are more fuel-efficient, but are usually costlier than standard generators.