The Best Ladders Australia

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, having the right ladder for the job is essential. From reaching high shelves to tackling home improvement projects, a sturdy and reliable ladder can make all the difference in safety and efficiency. 

But with so many options available on the market, finding the best ladder for your specific needs can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best ladders in Australia for every task. 

From step ladders to extension ladders, we’ll cover the features, benefits, and key considerations to help you make an informed decision. Get ready to climb to new heights with confidence and discover the perfect ladder for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Ladder for you

Choosing the best ladder for use in Australia requires an understanding of the distinct classifications and safety standards specific to the country. Here’s a comprehensive guide tailored for an Australian audience to select the right ladder:

Australian Standards & Regulations:

Australia has strict guidelines for ladder safety under the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS). Ensure any ladder you consider meets or exceeds these standards, such as AS/NZS 1892.1 for portable ladders.

Look for the Australian Standards certification mark on the ladder as confirmation of compliance.

Assessing the Task:

Begin by identifying the nature of the task you’ll be performing. Whether it’s for domestic use such as changing a lightbulb or for trade work like accessing a roof, the context will influence your choice.

For domestic tasks, a simple step ladder may suffice, whereas trade work may require an extension ladder.

Height Requirements:

Calculate the height you need to reach safely. The general rule is that the ladder should be tall enough so that you don’t need to stand on the top three rungs of an extension ladder or the top rung of a step ladder, which can be precarious.

The ladder height will also determine its storage requirements when not in use.

Types of Ladders:

Step Ladders: Ideal for indoor or low-height tasks and self-supporting.

Extension Ladders: Suitable for reaching high places, such as second-story roofs.

Multi-Purpose Ladders: Flexible and can be used as both step and extension ladders.

Platform Ladders: Provide a comfortable platform for tasks that are at a fixed height.

Telescoping Ladders: Extendable and easily stored, these are versatile for various heights.


Aluminium: This is a popular choice for being lightweight and resistant to rust, perfect for most chores except electrical work due to its conductive nature.

Fibreglass: These ladders are non-conductive, making them safer for electrical tasks, but are heavier and usually cost more.

Wood: Less common, wood ladders offer natural insulation but are variable in durability and weather resistance.

Duty Ratings & Weight Capacity:

Australia uses specific Duty Ratings to indicate maximum load capacities, which includes the weight of the user plus any equipment or materials.

Ratings in Australia include Domestic (100 kg), Commercial (120 kg), Industrial (150 kg), and Heavy-Duty Industrial (180 kg).

Always choose a ladder with a suitable rating to ensure safety and longevity.

Safety Features:

Safety features such as anti-slip feet, stabiliser bars, locking mechanisms, and non-slip rungs are critical.

Consider ladders with extra safety certifications from relevant Australian bodies like WorkSafe, or those that adhere to AS/NZS 1892 standards.

Portability & Durability:

Assess your storage space to ensure the ladder can be properly and safely stored when not in use. If transportation is necessary, consider the weight and size of the ladder when folded.

Australian climate conditions can be harsh, so the ladder’s resilience to weather and UV exposure should be considered, especially for ladders stored or used outdoors.

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The Best Ladders Australia 

1. Giantz 5 Step Ladder Multi-Purpose

Giantz 5 Step Ladder Multi-Purpose

The Giantz 5 Step Ladder offers a blend of functionality and compact storage solutions. Its foldable design is ideal for efficient space utilisation, ideal for those with limited storage space.

Constructed from aluminium, the ladder is both lightweight and rust-resistant, ensuring longevity and ease of transport. The inclusion of an orange foam grab handle enhances safety, providing a firm and visible grip.

Designed for versatile use, the ladder is equipped with X bracing for strength and stability, while the non-slip rubber feet prevent unwanted movement, making it suitable for various tasks.

2. Renegade RISTEP8

Renegade Ladder RISTEP8

The Renegade Industrial Ladder brings height accessibility to the table with its substantial 2720 mm overall open height. Ideal for both commercial and home use, its sturdy aluminium construction supports up to 150kg, accommodating a wide range of users.

Being double-sided, the ladder is versatile, allowing for work from either side, which is perfect for a variety of tasks. This feature maximises efficiency, especially in environments requiring frequent repositioning.

Safety isn’t overlooked, as this ladder is designed with rubber feet to prevent slippage, offering a secure foundation. Whether it’s for reaching high shelves or for construction work, the Renegade RISTEP8 is a reliable choice.

3. Renegade RISTEP4

Renegade Ladder RISTEP4

The Renegade RISTEP4 is a compact yet robust 4′ step ladder designed for various applications. Its aluminum construction ensures both durability and lightweight handling, suitable for quick tasks or extended use.

This ladder accommodates up to 150kg, making it a reliable option for individuals needing sturdy support for their projects. The double-sided design enhances its functionality, allowing access from either side, which can be particularly useful in tight spaces.

Equipped with rubber feet for a non-slip grip, the Renegade RISTEP4 provides stability on different surfaces, increasing the user’s confidence and safety during use. It’s an essential tool for both industrial work and home use.

4. Renegade RIPLAT5

Renegade Ladder RIPLAT5

The Renegade RIPLAT5 stands out with its 5-step design, crafted from fibreglass, promoting safety around electrical hazards due to its fully insulated characteristics. Ideal for electricians and home DIY enthusiasts alike, it sustains a max load of 150kg, suitable for a wide range of users and tasks.

With a platform height of 1.4 metres and an overall height of 2.4 metres, it provides ample elevation for reaching higher tasks while maintaining a compact and manageable size for storage and transport.

The multifunction hand rail enhances safety and convenience, while the reinforced internal spreader assures stability. This ladder’s thoughtful design ensures both user confidence and comfort at an elevated workstation.

5. Bailey FS13862

Bailey Ladder FS13862

The Bailey step ladder introduces a patented barrel hinge, distinguishing it with enhanced joint stability, a feature often appreciated in demanding work environments. It’s crafted with the user’s workspace in mind, aiming to leave no trace with non-marking, anti-slip top cap pads.

Attention to safety is evident with the inclusion of angled, anti-slip wall pads on the back legs, designed to increase ladder stability and protect the supporting wall. The large anti-slip boots add another layer of security, ensuring firm footing on various surfaces.

This step ladder represents thoughtfully engineered safety features that combine to offer a reliable and user-friendly climbing tool, making it a viable selection for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking assurance in their elevated endeavours.

6. Renegade RIMULTI12

Renegade Ladder RIMULTI12

The Renegade ladder is a testament to versatility, engineered to adapt to a multitude of tasks. Thanks to its ingenious design, this multi-use ladder can transition between a double-sided step ladder, a trestle ladder, a straight fold-out ladder, or an L shaped ladder, catering to almost any situation where elevated access is required.

Simplicity and space efficiency are key, as this ladder neatly collapses into a compact 950mm high package, making storage a breeze even in the most space-constrained areas. This feature alone highlights the ladder’s practicality for both professional and home use.

Despite its affordability, the Renegade RIMULTI12 doesn’t compromise on integrity. It’s built to Australian standards from quality aluminium and features industrial-grade steel locking hinges, supporting a solid 120kg load rating, ensuring both safety and longevity for its users.

7. Bailey FS13899

Bailey Ladder FS13899

The Bailey commerical ladder is tailor-made for trade and commercial use, boasting a 150kg load rating and an industrial duty rating. It meets the rigorous demands of professional applications, offering both strength and dependability.

Climbing comfort is a standout feature, thanks to its durable PUNCHLOCK® D rung construction. Additionally, the interlocking stiles enhance the ladder’s rigidity, effectively reducing side sway and boosting the overall safety and confidence of the climber.

Attention to detail is evident in its design; rung wear pads extend the ladder’s lifespan and facilitate simpler extension, while the 8mm kernmantle rope with side rope and pulley system improves safety by keeping the rope clear of the user’s feet. The PVC boots offer exceptional slip resistance, and large rung braces contribute to the ladder’s robust construction, ensuring a sturdy ascent for any task at hand.


Which type of ladder is best for home use? 

For home use in Australia, a multi-purpose aluminium ladder is often the best choice, offering versatility for various domestic tasks. It should conform to AS/NZS 1892 standards, with a load rating suitable for the user’s weight plus any items carried, typically a Domestic (100 kg) or Commercial (120 kg) duty rating.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house in Australia?

In Australia, to safely access a second-story roof, you’ll typically need an extension ladder of about 6 to 8 metres in length, ensuring it extends at least 1 metre over the eaves. It should comply with AS/NZS 1892 standards with an appropriate Industrial (150 kg) duty rating.

What ladders are made in Australia?

Bailey Ladders and Branach are two prominent manufacturers producing ladders in Australia. They offer a range of ladders, including step, extension, and platform ladders, meeting Australian Safety Standards (AS/NZS 1892), ensuring quality and compliance with local workplace safety regulations.

Which ladder is better: steel or aluminium?

Aluminium ladders are preferred over steel due to their lightweight, rust resistance, and ease of movement. They are suitable for most tasks, except near electrical hazards due to conductivity. Steel ladders are stronger but heavier, prone to rust, and less practical for frequent repositioning or transport.