The Best Tool Boxes Australia

Having a well-organised toolbox is essential for any DIY enthusiast, handyman, or tradesperson. It not only keeps your tools in one place but also ensures easy access and efficient storage.

In Australia, where the demand for quality toolboxes is high, finding the perfect one can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best toolboxes available in the market. From durable and sturdy options to portable and compact designs, we have researched and reviewed a wide range of toolboxes to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a professional looking for a heavy-duty toolbox or a hobbyist in need of a versatile and functional option, this blog has got you covered.

How to Choose the Best Tool Box for you

Choosing the best toolbox requires careful consideration of various factors, including the scope and nature of your tool collection, your profession or hobby, mobility needs, material preferences, organisational features, and budget. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Assess Your Tool Collection

The first step in choosing the right toolbox is assessing your current tool collection and anticipated future needs. Consider the following:

Size and Quantity of Tools: How many tools do you own and plan to store? Large power tools will need a different storage solution compared to smaller hand tools.

Tool Weight: Heavier tools may require a sturdier toolbox made of metal or heavy-duty plastic.

Special Requirements: Some tools, such as precision instruments, may need extra protection, like padded drawers or compartments.

Identify Use and Mobility Needs

Stationary vs. Portable: Decide if you need a stationary toolbox for a workshop or a portable one that you can take to different job sites. Portable toolboxes are often smaller and come with handles or wheels.

Job Site Needs: If you’re a professional, consider the environment you’ll be using it in. A durable, weather-resistant toolbox with lockable features might be necessary for outdoor conditions.

Evaluate Material Options

Toolboxes come in various materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic: Lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and often less expensive. Good for light to medium-duty use.

Steel: Very durable and able to handle heavyweight, but can be heavy to transport and may rust if not properly maintained.

Aluminium: Lightweight compared to steel, resistant to corrosion, and generally durable. Suitable for a balance of portability and strength.

Wood: Traditional and aesthetically pleasing but not as common for heavy-duty use and requires maintenance to prevent warping and decay.

Look for Organisational Features

Drawers and Compartments: More drawers and compartments allow for better organisation but can also add to the weight and cost.

Removable Trays: Handy for keeping frequently used tools accessible.

Modular Systems: Some toolboxes can connect with others to form a customisable and expandable storage system.

Consider Security Measures

Locks: If you’re storing expensive tools, a toolbox with a secure locking mechanism is essential to prevent theft.

Sturdy Latches: Ensure that the toolbox has strong latches to keep it closed during transport.

Ensure Accessibility and Ergonomics

Ease of Opening: Drawers should slide smoothly, and lids should open effortlessly.

Comfortable Handles: Look for ergonomically designed handles, especially for portable tool boxes that you’ll be carrying around.

Height and Reach: If choosing a rolling chest or a workbench, ensure it’s at a comfortable height for your stature.

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The Best Tool Boxes Australia 

1. Giantz Tool Box Cabinet Chest Trolley

Giantz Tool Box Cabinet Chest Trolley

The Giantz Tool Box Cabinet Chest Trolley stands out with its robust construction, featuring thick high-tensile powder-coated steel that promises durability and long-term use. Its resilience ensures protection against corrosion and damage, making it a reliable choice for busy work environments.

Organisation is a breeze with the six smoothly gliding drawers outfitted with ball-bearing slides. This design allows for effortless access to tools, streamlining any project with its user-friendly operation.

Mobility meets security in this tool cabinet’s thoughtful design, which includes four castors for easy relocation and two that are lockable to keep the unit stationary when needed. Premium cam locks with keys provide added security, while the sturdy handle makes manoeuvring simple, ensuring that tools are always within reach wherever the job may be.

2. Kincrome 51095

Kincrome Tool Box 51095

The Kincrome tool chest combines sturdiness and security, crafted from heavy-duty gauge sheet steel and reinforced by a piano-hinged lid that ensures long-lasting use. The charcoal hammertone, powder-coated finish not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also serves as a shield against rust, corrosion, and scratches.

Functionality is at the heart of this design, featuring a convenient top tray for quick access items and four heavy-duty drawers complete with chrome handles, enhancing the tool chest’s overall resilience and ease of use. The drawer locking rod, along with the hasp and staple for a padlock, ensures that your tools remain secure.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked, with heavy-duty side carry handles that make transportation comfortable. Additionally, this tool chest’s weather-resistant build, complete with water gutters in four drawers, protects against the elements, offering a generous 175-litre storage capacity to safely house a wide array of tools.

3. Beach BSBLY

Beach tool chest BSBLY

The Beach BSBLY tool chest is a heavyweight contender in tool storage, tipping the scales at 55kg. This heft is indicative of its super rugged makeup, with a heavy-duty steel construction body that guarantees a formidable defence against wear and tear over time.

Its security features are exemplified by a fully welded steel housing designed to protect padlocks from bolt-cutting tools, offering peace of mind for those seeking to safeguard their valuable equipment. Coupled with a full piano-hinged lid, this tool chest ensures contents are securely contained and easily accessible.

Designed for practicality, the Beach BSBLY also comes equipped with two heavy-duty handles, facilitating transport and manoeuvrability despite its sturdy build. Whether on a job site or in a workshop, this tool chest promises to be a reliable partner for the storage and protection of tools.

4. Kincrome K7925

Kincrome tool storage K7925

The Kincrome is a tool storage solution that prioritises both ease of access and security, with heavy-duty 35mm ball bearing drawer slides that support a 20kg load capacity. Each drawer extends fully, allowing for complete visibility and retrieval of tools without any hassle.

Safety is key, and the Kincrome K7925 addresses this with an automatic drawer retention system that ensures drawers remain closed during movement, and a robust security locking system that protects the contents with a universal key for convenience.

Mobility meets durability in this design. The tough swivel castors, all lockable, offer fluid movement around the workspace. The unit is also finished with an ultra violet stabilised industrial powder coating, safeguarding against fading, while EVA foam drawer liners add an extra layer of protection for both the drawers and tools contained within.

5. Milwaukee 48228425

Milwaukee tool box 48228425

The Milwaukee tool box stands as a testament to resilience with its impact-resistant polymer construction, which is engineered to withstand the rigours of heavy use in the most demanding environments. This durability is a core feature, ensuring that it remains the most robust option available.

Its sturdiness is further enhanced by a metal top handle that outmatches competitors, supporting an impressive 45kg weight capacity. This design choice speaks to the tool box’s ability to handle substantial loads without compromising on reliability.

Integration and organisation are at the forefront of the Milwaukee’s design, featuring compatibility with the packout modular storage system, enabling seamless connection with other units in the range. An IP65 rated seal offers formidable defence against water and jobsite debris, while the inclusion of an internal organisation tray provides a dedicated space for hand tools and accessories, keeping them neatly arranged and readily accessible.

6. Sidchrome SCMT50207

Sidchrome SCMT50207

The Sidchrome  tool cabinet is the epitome of strength with its heavy gauge steel construction, ensuring a robust and reliable storage solution for any workshop. Its rolled-edge drawers glide smoothly for swift and easy access to tools, embodying both efficiency and durability.

Accessibility and protection go hand-in-hand; with this tool cabinet’s 100% drawer access, optimization of storage space becomes effortless. The EVA foam-lined drawers not only offer a secure cushion for tools but are also resistant to common workshop fluids, maintaining your tools in pristine condition.

Functionality extends to its portability too, thanks to the wide-grip handle of its trolley-style design, which simplifies movement around the workshop. UV resistance is another beneficial feature, safeguarding tools from sun damage. Furthermore, this cabinet is thoughtfully designed to nest under Sidchrome tool chests, allowing you to tailor your storage setup.

7. SP Tools SP40110

SP Tools Box SP40110

The SP Tools  offers a compact yet capacious storage solution with its 3-drawer design, each measuring 670mm in width, 315mm in depth, and 265mm in height. This configuration provides a convenient and efficient way to organise a variety of tools.

Security is never a concern with the SP40110’s internal locking system, which offers an additional layer of protection for your valuable equipment. The heavy-duty 28 ball bearing drawer slides further enhance the unit’s durability, ensuring smooth operation and a reliable service life.

Built to endure, the robust wall construction of the SP40110 is complemented by a double powder coating which effectively resists scratching, maintaining the tool chest’s appearance. Full drawer extension capabilities mean no tool goes unseen, allowing for maximum utilisation of the available storage space and easy retrieval of tools at a moment’s notice.


What tool box brand is best?

Kincrome is renowned for high-quality, professional-grade toolboxes, offering durability and an extensive warranty. Milwaukee and Beach also have strong reputations for sturdy construction and innovative designs. For more budget-friendly options with good reliability, consider brands like SP tools.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house in Australia?

In Australia, to safely access a second-story roof, you’ll typically need an extension ladder of about 6 to 8 metres in length, ensuring it extends at least 1 metre over the eaves. It should comply with AS/NZS 1892 standards with an appropriate Industrial (150 kg) duty rating.

How long should a tool box last?

The lifespan of a toolbox can vary greatly based on material, usage, and brand quality. Metal toolboxes can last 8-10 years under daily professional use, and even decades with proper care. Plastic tool boxes may have a shorter lifespan, especially with heavy or outdoor use, typically ranging from 3-10 years.

What is the best material for a toolbox?

Steel is often considered the best material for a toolbox, offering superior durability and strength, ideal for heavy-duty use and longevity. Aluminium is a lighter alternative providing good durability with better portability. High-impact plastic is cost-effective and sufficient for lighter use, with the benefit of being corrosion-resistant.

Will tools rust in a tool box?

Tools can rust in a toolbox if moisture is present, as rust, or iron oxide, forms when iron-containing metals are exposed to oxygen and water. Proper ventilation, desiccants, protective coatings, and regular maintenance can mitigate rusting. Metal toolboxes, especially those without a corrosion-resistant finish, may exacerbate the problem if not properly cared for.